ICO Focus: Interview WIth Nic Chin of BITTO Exchange

We had the team lead for Bitto Exchange Nic Chin talk to us about his project and below is how the conversation went;

Hello Nic, why a six-in-one Bitcoin Exchange?

We find that a lot of bitcoin exchanges are just that, a trading exchange platform.  We wanted to provide the other services such as social trading/copy trading, referral, lending and staking to provide a one stop solution for traders and investors alike.


But why tag it a Bitcoin Exchange and not a general cryptocurrency exchange?

Bitcoin as we all know, is the pinnacle of all cryptocurrencies. Although we do mention the fact we are a bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange, to emphasize that we are an exchange platform that hopefully in the near future where all your favourite altcoins can be purchased.

Are there any known competitors doing something similar on blockchain?

There are multiple indirect competitors that are doing one or two of the same thing, but providing a one stop solution like ours? None.

What is your take on recent crackdown on exchanges in certain jurisdictions and what are the measures you have in place to mitigate possible future occurrence of same with your platform?

We learn and advance ourselves by seeing how other upcoming exchanges are doing well and the way they operate. We then emulate the best practices and improve on other aspects. Having a decentralized base and server is important, which is why we will be having multiple servers and avenues to where we operate, to make it easy to migrate to other locations should an issue occur in one location. That way we can avoid prolonged disruption to our future exchange services. 

Aside well-know cryptocurrencies and digital assets, which other lesser-known coins will be tradable on Bitto?

We are looking to add Ebtc as one of our first coins on our exchange. We acknowledge their community driven coin and would like to help them grow. We will be conducting a survey for our ICO contributors to decide what are the coins that they would like to see on our exchange as the first top 30 coins to be added. 

Briefly run us through the BITTO token sale process?

If you are a U.S citizen, you are required to be an accredited investor. A minimum contribution is required so for more information please contact us via Email. Contributions must be made from private wallets and not from Exchanges.

  1. Click on “Buy Bitto Token Now”
  2. Accept all Terms & Conditions
  3. Select one of the 4 methods of contribution ( BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC)
  4. Read through our detail page, Contribute to the address given
  5. Fill in the form with your accurate details and you are done!.

We will be providing bonuses for early ICO contributors. Do allow us up to a day to verify your details, and you should receive BITTO tokens within a day.

Thanks for having us Nic, we wish you a successful token sale.

Thank you, ICOWatchlist has been quite responsive and supportive over the period and we wish you all the best also.

For more details, follow the BITTO Exchange ICO here.


Disclaimer: This write-up is sponsored and does not fully reflect the opinions of any ICOWatchlist employee. It is not an investment or trading guide. It is advisable that you do your own independent research.