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Section 8: How to evaluate an ICO?

The best way to evaluate an ICO is to analyze every single aspect of the project and narrow it down to its precise execution strategy. Some critical factors to consider include:

  • Business model: Identify the strong points and weak links of the business model. Does the company real-ly need an ICO with its own currency? How does the company integrate crypto token with its business model? Can you use the crypto token outside its ecosystem? Enquire from people who understand the technology and discuss these points with them.

  • Project team: Find out every single detail you can about the development team and the advisory board. Look for ICOs that have teams with proven track record in the crypto-asset and blockchain industry.
  • Community feedback: ICOs are announced on community forums and the marketing part kicks in after-ward. Check the community feedback for the project and how the project team responds to it. Visit the Reddit, Twitter or Facebook pages of the projects. Be aware of paid reviews or bounty posts that pay participants to spread positive information about the project.
  • Current product state: ICOs that have a product near completion or halfway down the development track have higher chances. Find out the current project stage and whether the development team is on schedule or not.
  • VC involvement: The involvement of a big crypto VC is a positive sign. Find out if the company has VC support or better if they have a VC on board.
  • Market niche: How intense is the competition in the selected market niche? Research on any previous businesses working in the same industry, and match their fundamentals with what the company is work-ing on.

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