ICO Watch List

The following ICOs are over - Review the information & statistics to asses the project's performance and progress after the initial token sale has finished.


Primalbase is an offices workspace sharing platform managed on the blockchain.

Ticker: PBT

Avg. ICO: $7,912

Now: $3,638

ROI: (-54.01%)

Physical assets financing platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ticker: CABS

Collecting Data

it is an Ethereum-based prediction market that works using crowd-sourcing methods.

Ticker: GNO

Avg. ICO: $31.28

Now: $97.57

ROI: (211.93%)

Crowd vouching platform - allows people to earn money vouching for other people who need a loan.

Ticker: SUR

Avg. ICO: $20.50

Now: $4.48

ROI: (-78.15%)

Compcoin is an investment system that uses AI & blockchain.

Ticker: CMP

Avg. ICO: $12.00

Now: $2.50

ROI: (-79.20%)

Veritaseum is a smart contracts-based peer-to-peer wallet interface.

Ticker: VERI

Avg. ICO: $12.00

Now: $82.53

ROI: (587.73%)

Peerplays is a provably fair blockchain-based gaming platform.

Ticker: PPY

Avg. ICO: $4.60

Now: $3.32

ROI: (-27.89%)

The Bancor protocol allows anyone to easily create completely liquid smart tokens.

Ticker: BNT

Avg. ICO: $3.86

Now: $1.98

ROI: (-48.66%)

A revolutionary global standard for a more fair, secure, and transparent ticketing industry.

Ticker: AVT

Avg. ICO: $3.26

Now: $1.86

ROI: (-42.84%)

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization focused on gold-tracking assets.

Ticker: DGD

Avg. ICO: $3.24

Now: $64.96

ROI: (1,904.79%)

Monaco is creating a cryptocurrency card with extra affordable exchange rates.

Ticker: MCO

Avg. ICO: $2.64

Now: $7.00

ROI: (165.29%)

MyBit is a decentralized asset management project built to add an ownership layer to the internet.

Ticker: MYB

Avg. ICO: $2.00

Now: $1.90

ROI: (-5.04%)

Stox is a prediction market platform for traders built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ticker: STX

Avg. ICO: $1.86

Now: $0.5152

ROI: (-72.30%)

A platform that levels the playing field for all musicians.

Ticker: VSM

Avg. ICO: $1.77

Now: $5.47

ROI: (208.78%)

The future of knowledge sharing that lets you earn rewards for what you know.

Ticker: LUN

Avg. ICO: $1.61

Now: $7.34

ROI: (355.91%)

ZrCoin is a blockchain project for investing in the production of an in-demand industrial material.

Ticker: ZRC

Avg. ICO: $1.40

Now: $1.19

ROI: (-14.90%)

Giga Watt facility`s distinctive infrastructure consists of numerous independent mining units.

Ticker: WTT

Avg. ICO: $1.00

Now: $2.17

ROI: (116.60%)

Starta Capital VC Fund created the startup investing accelerator on the Waves platform.

Ticker: CRS

Avg. ICO: $1.00

Now: $0.2618

ROI: (-73.82%)

TaaS is a tokenized closed-end fund specifically for blockchain-based assets.

Ticker: TAAS

Avg. ICO: $1.00

Now: $3.13

ROI: (212.71%)

Blockchain Capital is a venture capital firm investing in blockchain enterprises.

Ticker: BCAP

Avg. ICO: $1.00

Now: $1.00

ROI: (0.42%)

The Aragon platform lets a whole organization operate with the infrastracture of the blockchain technology.

Ticker: ANT

Avg. ICO: $0.9090

Now: $1.68

ROI: (84.41%)

Mysterium is an open sourced network that enables anyone to rent out their unused network traffic.

Ticker: MYST

Avg. ICO: $0.8850

Now: $0.8017

ROI: (-9.41%)

It is an easy-to-use secure cryptocurrency with an organization that has a future-oriented mindset.

Ticker: ETB

Avg. ICO: $0.8800

Now: $3.12

ROI: (254.55%)

TenX develops a debit card that is connected to your blockchain assets.

Ticker: TENX

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Dcorp is an autonomous organization system based on a smart-contract blockchain solution.

Ticker: DRP

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Augur is a decentralized prediction market.

Ticker: REP

Avg. ICO: $0.5800

Now: $16.39

ROI: (2,726.36%)

Token Market has been set-up as the platform for the future financial era.

Ticker: TKN

Avg. ICO: $0.5400

Now: $1.26

ROI: (132.58%)

MobileGo/GameCredit is a proprietary payment gateway that allows gamers to use the tokens to buy in-game content.

Ticker: MGO

Avg. ICO: $0.5300

Now: $0.4811

ROI: (-9.22%)

DETECTOR (DTCT) is a bot that monitors cryptocurrency and betting markets.

Ticker: DTCT

Collecting Data

Smart contract platform that can evolve and in theory will never need any hard forks.

Ticker: XTZ

Avg. ICO: $0.4000

Now: $1.66

ROI: (315.00%)

Crypviser is an encrypted network for business and social on the Blockchain technology.

Ticker: CVCOIN

Avg. ICO: $0.3862

Now: $0.3750

ROI: (-2.90%)

Basic Attention Token is bringing blockchain technology to digital advertising.

Ticker: BAT

Avg. ICO: $0.3600

Now: $0.0000

ROI: (-100.00%)

Storj is a platform allows users to store data in a secure and decentralized manner.

Ticker: SJCX

Avg. ICO: $0.2920

Now: $0.5150

ROI: (76.36%)

CryptoPing is a real time altcoins trading intelligence chatbot as a service.

Ticker: PING

Avg. ICO: $0.2778

Now: $0.1801

ROI: (-35.16%)

Omise GO is a blockchain wallet solution, built on the Ethereum platform for payments, rewards points, and much more.

Ticker: OMG

Avg. ICO: $0.2742

Now: $8.27

ROI: (2,914.33%)

NVO is building a cross-platform modular decentralized exchange.

Ticker: NVST

Avg. ICO: $0.2720

Now: $0.3414

ROI: (25.53%)

Populous is a smart contract invoice system on the blockchain

Ticker: PPT

Avg. ICO: $0.2522

Now: $2.73

ROI: (981.13%)

IeX.ec is a fully decentralized cloud based computing system based on Blockchain.

Ticker: RLC

Avg. ICO: $0.2500

Now: $0.5199

ROI: (107.97%)

Santiment will analyze crypto market trends and help crypto-traders manage risk.

Ticker: SAN

Avg. ICO: $0.2267

Now: $0.3452

ROI: (52.29%)

Cyber security on the blockchain. The Token provides proof and assurance of security on the hardware level.

Ticker: RvT

Collecting Data

This is a decentralized content market place based on blockchain.

Ticker: HBT

Avg. ICO: $0.2000

Now: $0.1319

ROI: (-34.05%)

Aeternity is a new smart contract blockchain that interfaces with IoT, FinTech & more.

Ticker: AE

Avg. ICO: $0.1950

Now: $0.3487

ROI: (78.83%)

Sphre/Air is a smart contract based platform for the secure management and monetisation of digital identities.

Ticker: XID

Avg. ICO: $0.1887

Now: $0.1797

ROI: (-4.77%)

Waves helps to make the launching and coordination of projects on blockchain very easy.

Ticker: WAVES

Avg. ICO: $0.1880

Now: $3.71

ROI: (1,875.51%)

The Metal project aims to transform how digital money operates.

Ticker: MTL

Avg. ICO: $0.1800

Now: $7.96

ROI: (4,321.01%)

Synereo is a decentralized and distributed social network.

Ticker: AMP

Avg. ICO: $0.1597

Now: $0.1515

ROI: (-5.15%)

Antshares is a China based smart contract blockchain project.

Ticker: NEO

Avg. ICO: $0.1590

Now: $17.49

ROI: (10,898.11%)

FundYourselfNow is a platform that will allow project creators raise funds for projects without the need of technical cryptocurrency knowledge.

Ticker: FYN

Avg. ICO: $0.1535

Now: $1.47

ROI: (856.71%)

A smart contract platform for PoS transactions.

Ticker: QTUM

Avg. ICO: $0.1500

Now: $7.78

ROI: (5,084.39%)

Patientory is a distributed electronic medical record storage computing platform on the blockchain.

Ticker: PTOY

Avg. ICO: $0.1453

Now: $0.3600

ROI: (147.74%)

This is a retail platform that allows multi-cryptocurrency payment.

Ticker: BLKPY

Collecting Data

The Iconomi platform helps users with simple methods to enter the growing distributed economy.

Ticker: ICN

Avg. ICO: $0.1200

Now: $0.0074

ROI: (-93.86%)

Decent is a content distribution project.

Ticker: DCT

Avg. ICO: $0.1183

Now: $0.4999

ROI: (322.58%)

A VC Ecosystem based on blockchain technology.

Ticker: CFI

Avg. ICO: $0.1177

Now: $0.1372

ROI: (16.61%)

The Golem platform enables personal computers to perform functions traditionally reserved for servers.

Ticker: GNT

Avg. ICO: $0.1040

Now: $0.2435

ROI: (134.16%)

Secure access to identity verification via the blockchain.

Ticker: CVC

Avg. ICO: $0.1000

Now: $0.3375

ROI: (237.53%)

iMPERIUM is a NO-FEE sports betting platform built on the Ethereum network.

Ticker: MPRM

Avg. ICO: $0.1000

Now: $0.0000

ROI: (-99.99%)

A decentralized sex marketplace with a goal to enable all human beings on earth to find their perfect sexual partner anonymously.

Ticker: LUST

Collecting Data

SONM is a decentralized worldwide fog computer for any general purpose computing, from site hosting to scientific calculations.

Ticker: SNM

Avg. ICO: $0.0791

Now: $0.0699

ROI: (-11.67%)

Bitquence is making to cryptocurrency world accessible to more people and market.

Ticker: BQX

Avg. ICO: $0.0754

Now: $0.8479

ROI: (1,024.55%)

InsureX is a marketplace for insurance based on blockchain technology.

Ticker: IXT

Avg. ICO: $0.0703

Now: $0.2805

ROI: (298.82%)

FirstBlood is a eSports matches and betting project.

Ticker: 1ST

Avg. ICO: $0.0692

Now: $0.2983

ROI: (330.89%)

The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) is new technology which is resistant to hacking by quantum computers.

Ticker: QRL

Avg. ICO: $0.0640

Now: $0.5140

ROI: (703.17%)

Encrypto Telecom offers solutions for secure communication over the blockchain.

Ticker: ETT

Avg. ICO: $0.0632

Now: $0.0750

ROI: (18.61%)

Wagerr is a decentralized sportsbook that changes the way the world bets on sports.

Ticker: WGR

Avg. ICO: $0.0550

Now: $0.0667

ROI: (21.25%)

0x is a protocol for a decentralized exchange of Ethereum's ERC-20 tokens and assets.

Ticker: ZRX

Avg. ICO: $0.0480

Now: $0.1822

ROI: (279.66%)

Incent is a blockchain based loyalty program for traders, especially retailers.

Ticker: INCNT

Avg. ICO: $0.0470

Now: $0.1527

ROI: (224.96%)

BOScoin is a self-evolving cryptocurrency platform.

Ticker: BOS

Avg. ICO: $0.0434

Now: $0.6103

ROI: (1,306.22%)

Status is a browser app and messenger gateway to a decentralized world.

Ticker: SNT

Avg. ICO: $0.0366

Now: $0.0217

ROI: (-40.62%)

Adel is a self-sustaining cryptocurrency system.

Ticker: ADL

Avg. ICO: $0.0295

Now: $0.0880

ROI: (198.19%)

A decentralized platform for the creation, management and interlinking of DAOs

Ticker: WINGS

Avg. ICO: $0.0260

Now: $0.5679

ROI: (2,084.26%)

CreativeCoin for the registration and distribution of creative works and rights.

Ticker: CREA

Avg. ICO: $0.0246

Now: $0.2055

ROI: (735.43%)

Hive provides new financial liquidity to small businesses by leveraging blockchain technology,

Ticker: HVN

Avg. ICO: $0.0220

Now: $0.0219

ROI: (-0.35%)

Edgeless solves Casino transparency problems through the use of the Ethereum blockchain.

Ticker: EDG

Avg. ICO: $0.0220

Now: $0.7212

ROI: (3,178.09%)

This is a network that creates decentralized communities and market places.

Ticker: DNT

Avg. ICO: $0.0157

Now: $0.0357

ROI: (127.45%)

This is a film and television studio and also a distribution portal based on blockchain technology.

Ticker: SNGLS

Avg. ICO: $0.0150

Now: $0.1710

ROI: (1,040.07%)

EcoBit is taking charge in the fight to make the planet a safe and healthier place for us all to live in.

Ticker: ECOB

Avg. ICO: $0.0100

Now: $0.0164

ROI: (64.29%)

The Ark project aims to make cryptocurrency adoption mainstream as quickly as possible.

Ticker: ARK

Avg. ICO: $0.0100

Now: $2.84

ROI: (28,291.90%)

Stratis was developed to help organisations develop their own private blockchains.

Ticker: STRAT

Avg. ICO: $0.0073

Now: $4.11

ROI: (55,968.08%)

SMOKE is the cryptocurrency of the Smoke.Network. The first cannabis community to combine blockchain technology with soc

Ticker: SMOKE

Avg. ICO: $0.0050

Now: $0.0213

ROI: (325.98%)

Decentralized Banking based on blockchain.

Ticker: HMQ

Avg. ICO: $0.0035

Now: $0.1012

ROI: (2,791.43%)

Dent builds the global exchange for mobile data on the blockchain.

Ticker: DENT

Avg. ICO: $0.0005

Now: $0.0005

ROI: (-5.89%)

It is a cryptocurrency and decentralized application platform.

Ticker: LSK

Avg. ICO: $0.0002

Now: $5.52

ROI: (3,033,403.57%)

MinexCoin is a global payments system based on a low volatility cryptocurrency which is a part of Minex ecosystem.

Ticker: MNC

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Beth is a closed-end fund focused on applying deep learning research combined with financial expertise.

Ticker: BETH

Collecting Data

BlockPool is a B2B blockchain solution for many industries (Fintech, Media & more).

Ticker: BPL

Collecting Data

Exscudo's main goal is to integrate cryptocurrencies into the traditional financial.

Ticker: EON

Collecting Data

The first Cryptocurrency-funded blockchain INDY TV series.

Ticker: 21MCoin

Collecting Data

Internet of Coins is a new peer-to-peer financial network on the blockchain.

Ticker: HYBRID

Collecting Data

Each coin in the OneGram blockchain is backed by 1 gram of 24k gold.

Ticker: OGC

Collecting Data

Crypto platform built on Ethereum Classic with a price controlled currency.

Ticker: COR

Collecting Data

Cryptocurrency gambling & Online casino technology on the blockchain.

Ticker: CSNO

Collecting Data

Snapup disrupts the way you buy premium products!

Ticker: SNP

Collecting Data

The First ICO for Adult Entertainment

Ticker: ROC

Collecting Data

Bowhead is a medical instrument powered by the blockchain technology.

Ticker: AHT

Collecting Data

Financial platform for organizing investment assets on the blockchain.

Ticker: ATB

Collecting Data

Trading cryptocurrencies with artificial intelligence technology.

Ticker: XAI

Collecting Data

Gluon's platform establishes an interconnected network of vehicles where individuals and businesses can monitor, track, tune, and diagnose the issues on them.

Ticker: GLU

Collecting Data

Ahoolee is the world's first search engine for products!

Ticker: AHT

Collecting Data

First token which allows blockchain community to vote for the best projects to be brought to life through their own ICOs.

Ticker: ICOS

Collecting Data

Decentralized insurance platform built on Ethereum.

Ticker: UMC

Collecting Data

Arena is a cryptocurrency sports predication and betting system.

Ticker: ARNA

Collecting Data

Cryptocurrency & secure messaging platform built on the Stratis blockchain.

Ticker: ODN

Collecting Data

Taxi rides aggregator service on the wave blockchain platform.

Ticker: ALTC

Collecting Data

Cryptocurrency cloud mining tools that reduces mining fees.

Ticker: ARI

Collecting Data

Daseron is the world's decentralized and secure information system for selling and sharing of content.

Ticker: DSR

Collecting Data

KICKICO is the first already working platform for crowdfunding and crowdinvesting in cryptocurrency.

Ticker: KC

Collecting Data

Benja is a decentralized merchandise ad network.

Ticker: BENJA

Collecting Data

Merging Blockchain Technology with Lottery & eGaming.

Ticker: WILD

Collecting Data

Tao Network posits itself as a digital asset management system meant to be used by stakeholders in the music industry.

Ticker: TAO

Collecting Data

CoinDash is an asset management platform for crypto investors that enables users to view other portfolios in real-time.

Ticker: CDT

Collecting Data

This is a a blockchain based virtual reality platform.

Ticker: MANA

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