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Blockchain with totally decentralized P2P economic infrastructure which authenticates digital rights, and turns digital information into assets .

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January 2nd 2018 To January 23rd 2018
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United States
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Raised: $94,073,200

Price Now: $2.06



Elastos aims to create a new kind of Internet, powered by blockchain technology. On this new Internet, people will be able to own digital assets and generate wealth from them. The goal is to create an Internet that allows users to access articles, movies and games directly, without going through a media player or another platform intermediary. Elastos will use blockchain technology to issue IDs for digital content, making it possible to know who owns which digital assets.



Rong Chen - Founder and Planner

Rong Chen

Founder and Planner
Feng Han - Co Founder

Feng Han

Co Founder
Yipeng Su - Chief Architect

Yipeng Su

Chief Architect
Jizhe Xu - Co Founder

Jizhe Xu

Co Founder
Hongfei Da - Independent Director

Hongfei Da

Independent Director
Jihan Wu - Union Chief Adviser

Jihan Wu

Union Chief Adviser
Hongjie Hu - Chief Secretary

Hongjie Hu

Chief Secretary
Fay Li - Chief Marketing Officer

Fay Li

Chief Marketing Officer
Heng Li - HR Director

Heng Li

HR Director
Shunan Yu - Senior Technical Manager

Shunan Yu

Senior Technical Manager
Shijun Song - Senior Technical Manager

Shijun Song

Senior Technical Manager
Xueyong Gu - Advisor

Xueyong Gu

Reid Wang - Technology Advisor

Reid Wang

Technology Advisor
Dadi Xing - Technical Adviser

Dadi Xing

Technical Adviser
Ziheng Zhou - Advisor

Ziheng Zhou

Joey Lee - Advisor

Joey Lee

Jingyu Niu - Advisor

Jingyu Niu

Lee Willson - Advisor

Lee Willson





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Dec 2018
The mining of elastos Chain and elastos ID Chain by external nodes will be open and accessible.
Aug 2018
The framework for mobile web applications will be published open source, contributing to elastos’ application ecology.
Jul 2018
Large-scale applications and projects which dock financial big data services and medical insurance will begin.
Jun 2018
The elastos ID service chain Open Beta will be published open source, supporting multilayered identity verification.
Apr 2018
Interface specifications supported by smart contract and sidechains will be published.
Mar 2018
The elastos global applications meetup and tour will be held.
Feb 2018
The decentralized version of the elastos Carrier will be published open source.
Jan 2018
The global token generation event is initiated.
Dec 2017
The development and strategic cooperation of the elastos ID service chain and multilayered identity verification service is initiated.
Nov 2017
A plenary meeting is held in Shanghai, and the team reaches an agreement regarding the conduct of Holacracy management.
Oct 2017
The elastos Foundation is officially registered in Singapore.
Sep 2017
According to the instructions given by the leaders of the Ministry of Finance, elastos decides to focus on development and keep a low profile.
Aug 2017
The third elastos technology conference is held at Tsinghua iCenter, where the technology road-map and timetable concerning the four big goals and four small targets of the elastos blockchain are determined.
Jul 2017
The right to use elastos’ trademark is officially granted to the elastos team by the Foxconn Legal Department.
Jun 2017
The Cyber Intelligence Economics and Block Chain graduate program is approved.


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