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If you’re interested in purchasing some eKrona tokens, you’re going to need to create an account on their trading platform and deposit some cash in order to start trading. Fortunately for those who aren’t quite sure what they need to do, it’s an incredibly simple process that shouldn’t take too much time at all.

Depositing with eKrona

Generally, all it will take is the press of a few buttons for you to send some money to your eKrona account – just go to the area where you can make a deposit, choose how much you want to add and you should be good to go. It really is that simple, and that could be why more than 10 million people have signed up to this platform so far.

How much can you deposit?

eKrona benefits Of course, before you can purchase any coins on your account, you’re going to need to have some money available. Since eKrona is the only cryptocurrency supported here, the only trading pairs are fiat to eKrona. The minimum amount required is $250 or Є220, meaning that you can stick to this number or go higher, if you wish to invest a little more in your trading endeavours. It’s important to note that while the deposit amount may seem a little high, it is the standard for many crypto sites that are available right now, and you will be using it to trade no matter what coins you hope to buy (if you use another site, that is). The developers want to make it as easy as possible for you to invest and help grow their currency, but they have to remain competitive and work hard for you to have the best possible trading experience.

Are there any fees involved with making a deposit?

Another fantastic aspect to keep in mind is that eKrona doesn’t charge any deposit or withdrawal fees. This means that you can put some money in, trade, make a profit and withdraw without taking a hit – and the same can’t be said for every trading site out there.