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Section 6: Advantages of investing in ICOs

One of the foremost advantages of investing in ICOs is the chance of investing in a new or upcoming technology. Every single ICO is established to revolutionize an industry in one way or the other. A careful analysis of ICOs could help investors get on board to the right startup.

Most of the ICOs price their tokens modestly, allowing even small investors to participate in the sale. Un-like a traditional IPO, small investors have a chance to invest little money, and in the event that the underlying project does well, the investor reaps tremendous returns in the future.

ICOs follow the limited supply-demand principle, allowing their cryptocoins to gain value in the future. Its initial investors could leverage the economic prominence of the principle, increasing their chances of profiting exponentially.

In the current cryptocurrency environment, you can use crypto-tokens to purchase the services offered by the underlying company. If the cryptocurrency gains popularity and market trust, chances are that you can use it for third-party purchases, just like Bitcoin.

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