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Fractional Ownership Programs for Cryptocurrency ATMs -Trilliant makes the highly lucrative cryptocurrency ATM business accessible to everyone.

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August 11th 2018 To August 25th 2018
Pre-ICO Dates
July 10th 2018 To August 10th 2018
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United States
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Trilliant is creating the infrastructure for an environment taht fosters the profileration and use of cryptocurreny ATMs. Trilliant will ensure that in the near future anyone can withdraw and deposit their cryptocurrencies at one of our next-generation terminals. Triliant is giving everyone a reason to not only invest in cryptocurrencies, but also in the surrounding infrastructure. The Trilliant Fractional Ownership Program will give you the opportunity to purchase a personal piece of one of our fully-serviced cryptocurrency ATMs. The product will be immune to crypto price flactuations, your own Fractional Ownership Units let you participate in our lucrative crypto hardware, while we do all the work. All you need are TRIL Tokens to purchase your Ownership Units.





Sebastian Korbach - CEO

Sebastian Korbach







Jan 2019
Trilliant is setting up the largest cryptocurrency ATM network in Europe and aims at operating over 500 ATMs by 2019.
Dec 2018
With the first hardware in operation, Trilliant will be selling the first Fractional Ownership Units online.
Oct 2018
First prototypes of our Trilliant cryptocurrency ATMs will be produced and made available as Units.
Aug 2018
Trilliant starts the industrial design of our next-generation cryptocurrency ATMs in cooperation with Perto.
Jul 2018
The TRIL Presale starts and offers Token Sale contributors various bonuses.


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