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A Platform for issuing tokens and launch crowdfunding projects.

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September 18th 2017 To November 10th 2017
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United States
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The Starbase project’s mission is to make it easy for individuals and enterprise to start or support projects on blockchain. Starbase will be providing a crowdfunding, crowd-sourcing or recruitment platform which give long term rewards to investors using the sharing mechanism based on a new concept of “Internet of Value”. Existing shared-concept mechanisms make it difficult for core teams to recruit top talent due to lack of substantial capital. Starbase is looking to help address this because even when core teams want to share the stock or options as compensation, they cannot share long-term-incentive with project members quickly and competitively. The Starbase project will also address the global phenomenon of the largely underserved parts of the globe not being able to transact businesses fairly especially online due to lack of banking our auxiliary payment services. Starbase will create an ecosystem where everyone in the world will have a level playing field and can easily participate in the wider global economy by using a decentralized infrastructure based on the Ethereum blockchain.



Tomoaki Sato - Founder

Tomoaki Sato

Yu Yamanaka - Founder

Yu Yamanaka




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