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DACC is the world’s first content-based blockchain that features identity and access management (IAM) at the infrastructure level.

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June 10th 2018 To July 2nd 2018
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United States
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Decentralized Accessible Content Chain(DACC) users will have full control and protections with respect to their Content Creation such that their Copyright information is time-stamped into DACC blockchain. Algorithms will be used to detect copyright theft and Content Access will be coordinated using IAM permission maps let users decide who gets to access and monetize their data/content/IP.



Vincent Nguyen - CEO

Vincent Nguyen

David Zhu - Team Member

David Zhu

Team Member
Gina Hughes - Team Member

Gina Hughes

Team Member
Cathy Cao - Team Member

Cathy Cao

Team Member
Jun Zhang - Team Member

Jun Zhang

Team Member





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Nov 2019
DAC improves with develop community feedback; DAC begins migration to self-organizing mode
Aug 2019
Begin development on DAC wallet,DAC token exchange, layer 2 features, etc.
May 2019
DAC Blockchain production launches; DAC File System&Blockchain integration; DAC Developer Tools production launches; DAC developer community building starts
Feb 2019
DAC Blockchain test launches; DAC Developer Tools test launches
Oct 2018
DAC File System production launches; DAC Blockchain in development; DAC Developer Tools development starts
Jul 2018
DAC File System test launches; DAC Blockchain development starts
Apr 2018
DAC system design finishes; DAC File System development starts
Jan 2018
DAC system design starts; Establishment of DAC Growth Labs


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