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Secure access to identity verification via the blockchain.

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June 21st 2017 To June 21st 2017
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United States
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Raised: $33,000,000

Price Now: $0.08





The civic platform gives individuals and businesses the freedom and tools to control and protect identities. It uses a decentralized architecture mechanism based on the power of blockchain technology and biometrics on mobile devices to provide multi-factor authentication without the need for user names, password or third-party authentications. Civic practically warns you even before the act of identity theft happens to you can take precautions before it happens. User authentication and its accompanying threat is becoming a source of major concern for most on the globe. Identity and data theft have reached record high numbers in recent years, forcing individuals and organizations to spend millions of dollars annually in seeking solution to this menace. This is where the civic mechanism will come in to curtail this worrying situation in the most efficient manner and with way lower cost than what currently pertains to the cyber and identity security space. Civic beliefs that everyone everywhere no matter how young or old deserves identity protection and has therefore made its platform and mechanism easily accessible and affordable.



Vinny Lingham - Founder

Vinny Lingham

Jonathan Smith - Founder

Jonathan Smith






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