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Bowhead is a medical instrument powered by the blockchain technology.

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July 30th 2017 To August 31st 2017
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United States
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This is a project created to help the field of Health and Medicine. The Bowhead project is building the first medical instrument powered by blockchain called ‘The Bowhead test reader’. The Bowhead test reader and its dispensing device will be connectable to the internet and will be able to monitor the health of individuals and used by healthcare professionals remotely. This way timely advice can be quickly provided to people in need of health attention and direction. Also, the Bowhead device will be able to dispense personalised dosages of nutritional supplements and drugs based on a customer’s unique need. The long term vision is to have The Bowhead Test Reader be able to receive data from other biometric sensors used by clients. These biometric sensors will come in the form of wearables, heart rate monitors, mobile health tracking applications, pedometers, blood pressure devices and other smart devices that would assist Bowhead practitioners in monitoring and providing recommendations to clients or patients.



Dr. Rhea Mehta - Founder

Dr. Rhea Mehta

Dr. Francisco Diaz-Mitoma - Founder

Dr. Francisco Diaz-Mitoma

Saul Ibaven Bueno - Founder

Saul Ibaven Bueno




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