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Aeternity is a new smart contract blockchain that interfaces with IoT, FinTech & more.

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May 12th 2017 To May 12th 2017
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United States
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Raised: $24,990,000

Price Now: $0.48





Aeternity is bringing transparent governance and efficiency to the globe with a new level of scalability. The Aeternity project believes in relentless evolution and improvement of systems and societies. This project seeks to be the solution to current challenges in blockchain tech. As it stands, smart contracts cannot be enforced outside of blockchain and this is why Aeternity has been created; the Aeternity platform will be able to resolve and settle smart-contract disputes that arise outside blockchain. Aeternity has an in-built oracle mechanism which will connect public real world data with blockchain smart contracts. This added functionality will present the platform with more grit to resolve smart contract issues outside blockchain. With the use of its Proof-of-work (PoW) and Proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm, Aeternity can help disputing parties reach a consensus or middle ground for a more amicable dispute resolution. Implementing a form of “futarchy”, the platform facilitates a process where miners vote and value holders bet and decision making is done unanimously with little or no acrimony.



Yanislav Malahov - Founder

Yanislav Malahov

Zack Hess - Founder

Zack Hess

Marion Vogel - Founder

Marion Vogel




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