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What is a ‘Scam Suspect’ ICO?

An ICO is marked as a ‘Scam Suspect’ due to all, some or at least one of the following reasons that raise concerns about the project’s modus operandi;

  1. When a project’s core mandate and description changes and/or totally deviates from what it was initially set out to do.
  2. When a project is grossly misrepresented and the team/founding members are discovered to be falsified and/or not who they are supposed to be.
  3. When the project website goes off or is distorted for more than 48 hours.
  4. When Investors and prospective investors are unable to get a response from a project’s support/client service department or core team members within a period of 72 hours.
  5. When all of of project’s social media go off for more than a week without a plausible reason given.

Example for Scam Suspect ICOs: Prodeum, Bitroad, Benebit.

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