Vitalik Buterin Impersonator Scams over $20,000 From Twitter Users

With crytpocurrency gradually getting mainstream and more and more people becoming aware of the tricks that scammers use to phish funds from people, it remains puzzling that we still have people falling for simple scams.

Prominent blockchain outfits such as ICOWatchlist and some notable individuals in the crypto-space have taken it upon themselves to constantly educate the public on “look-out signs” for fraudulent schemes and people. It however seems that many people are still getting scammed largely because they get into the cryptocurrency economy with a get-rich-quick mindset.

One such incident has taken place just a few hours ago when a fake account on mini social blogging platform Twitter claiming to be that of Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin has asked people to donate ETH to a given ETH Wallet Address and get 10 times return on the amount paid.

Not only does it seem like this person or group of persons just created a fake Vitalik Buterin account, other accounts on twitter have supposedly been created to serve as testimonial mouth pieces for the scam scheme with claims that they received some imaginary 10 times return on the ETH they sent to the given address.

Apparently some people have fallen victim to this scam and others are still sending ETH to this scammer(s) wallet –

As at the time of writing this article, 35 people had sent a total of 23 ETH to the account and this valued at over $20,000 in fiat terms at current exchange rate value.

It has been pointed out many times that you have to fully research the cryptocurrency and blockchain space before investing in it. It is very important that people stay vigilant and take particular note that cryptocurrency is not a get-rich-quick scheme. There is no reason whatsoever to have to send your cryptocurrency to anyone to get it doubled. Painstaking research must be done by every individual to safeguard their funds.