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Have you got an interest in cryptocurrency but aren’t quite sure that trading or investing is the right way to get involved? Maybe you’ve been gambling online for a while and have been thinking about how to make your USDT work for you. The digital currency niche is improving with tech and in functionality every year and the good news is that you can now enjoy your tokens to play at an array of Tether casinos online if you prefer to use the Tether stablecoin.

Top Tether casinos

Lucky Block

Lucky Block Crypto Casino

There is a fantastic new USDT Casino on the market, offering a more innovative approach to crypto gambling – Lucky Block. Despite its newness, it has taken up a position as a strong market player by creating the first ever blockchain crypto lottery and then quickly evolving into a well-appointed casino that offers sports betting alongside live casino games and over 4,800 slots. There really is something for everyone to enjoy and the developers are constantly striving to upgrade their services and bring forth ideas to disrupt the market all the time.


  • Lucky Block is one of the few Tether Casinos to support multiple languages for a more diverse player base (users can simply select the right one on the bottom of the homepage)
  • New users can enjoy fantastic signup bonuses, including 15% cashback on losses made in the first week of playing while long-term players have access to significant random airdrop prizes of Lucky Block’s native token (a recent player won 10k this way) 
  • Fast, easy and secure payment methods with credit or debit cards and e-wallets to support Bitcoin transactions, with KYC verification


BC Game

BC Games usdt casino

If you are looking to bring online gambling into your trading repertoire, you may want to find USDT casino sites that facilitate gaming alongside a fully functional crypto exchange and vault – and BC Game does just that. You can dedicate the same amount of effort to trading without having to go elsewhere for entertainment – and even keep your winnings all in the same place. With a focus on usability, design and integration, you can do everything under one portal with little fuss.


  • Fully regulated for consumers in the United States
  • 8,000+ casino games, 58 software providers, 150+ cryptocurrencies and even fiat currencies
  • An exciting welcome bonus, daily promotions, an extensive VIP program and even more perks
  • Sports betting for over 80 markets



Cloudbet usdt casino

Cloudbet is a leading USDT Casino for Tether gambling and so much more, not only because it is long-established and trustworthy (players won’t find a more reputable provider in the niche, in fact), but also because it is a market innovator, designing games that are featured all across the niche. For those looking for security and a great reputation, this site has it all – from a great customer service department to RNG capabilities and two-factor authentication.


  • Cloudbet supports both sports betting and Esports betting along with over 20 Bitcoin poker games, 22 table games, 40 slots, 15 jackpot slots, instant win games and even keno
  • The website is available in 11 different languages, is accessible in over 100 countries and has a mobile app for players on the go
  • Players have the ability to play with one of the most extensive ranges of crypto out there, including USDT, BCH, BTC, PAXG, ETH, DASH, LTC, LINK, DOGE, USDC, DAI, PAX



Bitslot casino 2023

2024 was a good year for USDT Casinos and Bitslot was yet another name to enter the fray. While it partners with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Evolution Gaming and Betsoft, and has a diverse online community singing its praises, unfortunately, it doesn’t have official licensing just yet. What it does have is an extremely user-friendly interface that attracts players new and old, a host of worthwhile bonuses and a 10-tier VIP loyalty program.


  • Bitslot has some of the highest bet limits in the niche and no KYC protocol, so playing can be both advantageous and anonymous
  • There are instant payouts, no transaction fees upon deposit or withdrawal and KYC verification to promote secure yet anonymous playability
  • Access to slot games, roulette and card tables featuring poker, blackjack and baccarat – as well as live game shows
  • Changeable daily and weekly offers including 100% reloads on Saturdays, 50 free spins bundles and weekend spins to keep players coming back



Metaspins usdt casino

Metaspins is new to USDT casino sites but is still a great option in the niche as it is one of the most playable sites out there. This means it not only has its own proprietary mobile app, but also that its featured games can be played on third-party gambling apps and desktop sites too, so you won’t have to miss out.

There is a lot to consider when signing up and playing however, as it is one of the top regulated sites – so you will have to follow some strict rules to ensure continued use. This can offer players a unique level of peace of mind, as you’ll know that not only is the site reputable and supported by all the necessary governing bodies, but also that other players are serious about their efforts (and reviews will be more reliable).  


  • Players will enjoy RNG capabilities on every game across Metaspins – and a secure website with a good customer service team
  • Metaspins has one of the most attractive loyalty programs in USDT gambling, with a 6-tier reward scheme that can be engaged by wagering their chosen crypto
  • Quick signup process and an extremely high withdrawal limit
  • 24/7 customer support



wild.io usdt casino

Wild.io plays host to over 3,000 slots, card tables, roulette games, bonus buy-in games and even video poker – and players can win cash on weekly slot tournaments. It has a nicely-designed website that prioritizes simple navigation – and players can make use of the search function to make things even more straightforward.


  • Some of the most attractive bonuses in the niche, including a welcome package, daily cashback, mystery boxes, free spins bonuses, and a decent loyalty/VIP program
  • Players of all skill levels are interested in features like fast payouts, low deposit and withdrawal fees, and no max deposit limit
  • Fully licensed with, and regulated by, the Government of Curacao


Thunderpick usdt casino

If you’d prefer to bet on sports rather than playing casino games, Thunderpick could be a more worthwhile selection than other USDT casinos on this list (you will still be able to play an array of options, but they are not the main focus). It is one of the most well-appointed platforms for sporting wagers and even Esports, and you will find bets on over 100 different outcomes for major events in the football, American football, and baseball calendars – but you also won’t miss out on tennis tournaments, darts and more.


  • A well-loved platform for sports betting that still has over 2000 slots and almost 100 live casino games on offer
  • One of the most well-defined registration processes for anonymity with diverse log-in capabilities across Google, Steam and Twitch, as well as normal sign-up protocols
  • A reliable provider, established in 2017

Criteria for selecting the top USTD online casinos


As the crypto casino niche is still growing in popularity and licensing and regulation has room for improvement, it can be important to do your research to define exactly what you are looking for to ensure maximum playability. While we have shared our top 7 Tether casinos, there are many more out there that can be found in just a few clicks, making the ability to choose just one even more difficult. There will be specific criteria that can make or break your choice, so take a closer look and see what may suit your preferences best. Just below you’ll find a more detailed look at these criteria, what they involve, and how they could affect your gambling activities:

  • Selection of games

It may sound like a strange point to consider, as Tether casinos are more than likely to have a whole host of games on offer, but the reality is that not everybody likes the same types of games. There should be a worthwhile selection of scratch-offs, slots, live games and more, but if you have a specific preference, of course, take a look at how many games are in that genre. Remember that game selection can also refer to sports betting, albeit in a slightly different way. You may want to look out for live betting during your favourite games, score and total bets, or even if the newer pastime of spread betting is available.

During certain times of the year, many sites introduce unique features that can be enjoyed – and although limited as far as their duration is concerned, they can be a fun way to add a little pep to your gambling activities. On the other side of the coin, you may find a specific type of game that you enjoy more than others, or that seems to pay out far more frequently and so the choice really is up to you. In our opinion, variety is the spice of life and so varying your gambling can be a great way to enjoy an evening whilst avoiding the risk of addiction in the process.

  • Bonuses

One of the first things many individuals look out for when considering the right USDT casino sites is how worthwhile the bonuses are going to be both initially and moving forward with the website. Many offer significant startup bonuses, whereas others will have loyalty programs for their best customers – but you may even be privy to an array of special daily and weekly promos and more, simply for logging in each day. You may want to look out for ones with referral codes to maximise your chances even further. 

Keep in mind that the niche is becoming more regulated as it grows, so there is likely to be a host of terms and conditions in effect to ensure everybody plays responsibly. In some cases, if you aren’t fully aware of what is expected of you when playing, you could lose out on bonuses, winnings, or even get locked out of your account entirely. 

Many loyal customers belonging to specific sites and services find that over time, they receive rewards that newer gamblers don’t. As appealing as new customer bonuses can be, they are usually always limited and pale in comparison to longer-term rewards given to those that remain loyal to a gambling site.

  • Software and UX design

Software and UX design can be two of the most crucial factors when deciding on the right website, as any loss in playability can be an immediate reason to turn it off. You will want to select a site that has fast load times and little glitches, but also don’t forget that the easier the site’s navigation is, the better. The more intuitive the software it can even be a good consideration.

If you’re planning on using a mobile to gamble, then be sure that your browser, operating system and other relevant features are properly updated, as some are not equipped to deal with the rapid framerate associated with gambling sites and their games. A modern phone is always the best option and if this isn’t possible, then a reliable laptop with good RAM and performance specifications should be more than capable of running the software and programming.


Mobile functionality

Whether or not an online casino has mobile functionality isn’t one of the biggest considerations, but there will be specific users who will want to have the ability to play on the go and make deposits and withdrawals at the touch of a button. The good news is that more and more sites are beginning to add mobile apps to keep up with industry demand, and as tech advances and new platforms are entering the market year after year, having an app could become more and more important as time goes on.

It’s also not worth dismissing a service that doesn’t currently have an app, as they will often make up for their shortcomings with better deals. Additionally, and as mentioned above, many of these sites are joining the modern era and in an effort to keep up with the times, they will sometimes be working on developing apps in the background ready for release in the future.

  • Payment options

This is a more obscure criterion for Tether gambling, as some of the other points often take precedence – but if you are hoping to use a specific payment method, like PayPal for example, and you sign up without checking its support first, you’ll simply be wasting your time. You may want to look for one that supports e-wallets to make USDT payments even easier.

Most websites will clearly display which types of payment and transaction services they support and the best place to look is in the footer, or on the support page of the website in question. If in doubt, or if a site doesn’t support the service that you’d prefer, you might find contacting the help team a good option as many are willing to pursue new avenues to ensure that they bring on as many customers as possible.

  • Licensing

As licensing is still a huge issue in the crypto gambling industry, knowing that scam sites are still a very real threat can make it a good idea to check for SSL certificates, and security protocols used like encryption, licensing registration numbers, and more. These features can offer not only peace of mind but also help to ensure your Tether is safe from hackers and thieves.

  • Reviews and testimonials

When it comes to deciding on the right service to use, you might not consider the potential of reviews, but the reality is that they can often give close insight into how a particular service works. This is especially true when considering using a service that you haven’t before. Always look for honest, fair reviews written by actual people, as opposed to those that seem falsely generated simply to promote a business or service. Realistically speaking, however, many platforms cross-check the authenticity of reviewers to ensure a genuine opinion is provided.

Benefits of using USDT

As most gambling enthusiasts will know, turning to a reliable, efficient service can make not only all the difference to the experience, but also play a role where financial gain and potential is concerned. Unlike other cryptos, USDT boasts one of the most stable values on the market, meaning that costs won’t typically fluctuate, minimising the risk of losses in the process.

With USDT casinos, it’s also possible to enjoy fast, secure transactions with the added bonus of complete anonymity, ensuring that your financial activities are kept private. When paired with the reliable nature of USDT, you’ll see why so many are turning to this crypto for a seamless experience.

Tips for safe and responsible gambling

777 game for crypto

As most sites will advise, gambling should never be used in an obsessive manner. If you ever feel compelled to gamble, it’s always worth stepping back from the situation and considering taking a longer break if required. Unfortunately, gambling can become an addictive activity and if you ever feel like you’re becoming unable to step away – turn to an honest and reputable organization offering support.

Additionally, gambling isn’t a guarantee, hence the saying that the casino always wins. Although this can be a frustrating fact, it’s always worth considering to avoid disappointment and instead enjoy the experience. When practiced with restraint, gambling can be a fun experience, however.

A final tip for ensuring that you remain safe whilst gambling is to only use services that are verified, secure and typically well-known. There are plenty of reputable sites that offer enticing deals, but for each of them, there are many sites that promise much more but can be unsafe to use. Never share your login details with anyone else and always keep track of deposits and report any activity that you deem to be concerning or suspicious.

Final thoughts

Gambling online using USDT is a new and exciting way to make use of digital currencies to make the most of your money. Remember that when using this method to gamble, the value of your wins will be dependent on the value of the crypto you use at any given time, depending on market value.



How likely are you to win a huge amount when gambling?

Smaller wins are far more common than larger ones. With that being said, big wins can happen and you could be a lucky winner of a small fortune, and the likelihood is fair across the board – meaning that all players are just as likely as each other to walk away with a big win. To avoid a loss of revenue however, gambling sites and services will typically define a percentage and so you should never expect to walk into a bet or game and win big, unless you are fortunate enough to do so.

Why choose a USDT casino for gambling?

Boasting fast, secure, and seamless transactions with anonymity for all users, casinos that utilise USDT are considered some of the most reliable in the industry. Not only are they efficient, but they are protected via extensive encryption meaning that you can gamble safely and relax in the knowledge that your transactions are as secure as possible.

How can you recognize a gambling addiction?

Gambling addictions take on different forms depending on the person, but there are certain symptoms that are common throughout. For example, if you feel the compulsion to open an app or log into a website instead of eating and drinking, this can be an early sign of addiction and you may want to consider seeking advice or support. Another common symptom is an inability to sleep. This can happen when staring at screens for too long, as well as finding yourself obsessed with logging back in to place a bet or play a game. As long as you are feeling confident in your ability to walk away from the screen at any time, you shouldn’t need to worry too much about being addicted to gambling.