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Best Trading Platforms in Australia: Our List of Top Platforms for 2021

Trading platforms in Australia on a mobile phone

What Are Trading Platforms?

Trading platforms are online software computer programmes that allow investors to trade online in financial products. These include trading in both the stock and forex markets. In this guide, we will have a look at the best trading platforms in Australia.

What Makes a Good Trading Platform?


What Are the Best Trading Platforms in Australia?


eToro is a popular and top-trading platform known to lead in the industry with millions of users. It is famous for being the best in international real shares and social trading. An ideal fact to note about this platform is that it also offers trading in real shares at no commission.
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Pepperstone’s key feature is in offering free deposits and withdrawals. The platform is also known to have many quality features with over 180 trading instruments and tradable assets for investors to take advantage of. It is regulated by the ASIC, meaning that it follows strict guidelines. The platform also offers low spreads. 
Pros:   Cons:


Plus500 offers low forex spreads. The platform has been around for a while and is very popular in the CFD trading business. It has over 2,000 instruments and offers a lower minimum deposit fee when comparing it to Pepperstone and eToro. The platform is user-friendly, which is a real plus, especially for beginners. Another bonus to assist novices is the demo option which is provided. Once the investor feels confident enough to invest, they can head over to the real version of the platform. 
Pros:    Cons:


Nabtrade comes highly recommended for Australian shares. It appeals to investors who are looking to invest both locally and internationally. It provides educational resources and tools which are fantastic for beginners. In addition to this, the platform hosts charts and added resources to assist investors in identifying quality opportunities. The platform supports both mobile and desktop devices.
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This is Australia’s largest trading platform in online stockbroking that is best for when looking for different options relating to financial products. It is a subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and offers low minimum deposits. Investors have the luxury of enjoying exclusive offers and excellent support channels. 
Pros: Cons:


Being one of the best trading platforms in Australia IG is suggested for investors looking to trade on the forex market. It’s great for domestic and international trades and also offers its customers a demo and real version. 
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Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is recommended if the investor is interested in trading shares in the United States. It is more suited for experienced trade professionals because of the platform’s complex nature. It offers low commission rates and spreads. The use of advanced technology with some innovative tools can be beneficial to customers. 
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CMC Markets

CMC Markets is known for its excellent support structures. It’s regarded as one of Australia’s best trading platforms offering affordable rates for its trading services. It has web access for trading and also provides resources and charting options. 
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Bell Direct

Bell Direct is recommended for domestic trades and day trading. It is supported by brokers and not bankers and offers resource tools. 
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How to Begin

The Benefits of Investing in Australian Trading Platforms


In a Nutshell

Trading platforms in Australia discussed above meet the criteria of what makes a decent trading platform. If you ever need to turn to a list of different options of credible platforms for investors, the best platforms in 2021 are right here.