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Stox is a prediction market platform for traders built on the Ethereum blockchain.

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ICO Dates
August 2nd 2017 To August 2nd 2017



Restricted Countries
United States

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Raised: $27,480,000

Price Now: $0.08



Stox is an open source decentralized prediction market platform based on the Bancor protocol. The blockchain venture will be making use of an algorithm based on “the wisdom of the crowd” the Stox platform will allow people predict and trade the outcome of events ion any sphere of life (e.g Sports, Politics, Weather, Finance, e.t.c). Stox also seeks to rope-in mainstream audiences by being intuitive. Participants on the Stox platform will have to make use of the STX tokens to engage in predictions. will be Stox’s debut provider and operator. Aside its core functions, the Stox app will implement the user side of the model such as on-chain access which will enable Ethereum to Stox smart contract and access to content through metadata from a decentralized cloud storage. Stox will allow token holders create markets and categories, peer-to-peer trading, make predictions, take positions round the clock and not just at specific time. STX token can also be used to make numerous predictions and trade such predictions worldwide.



Ophir Gertner - Founder

Ophir Gertner


Yossi Peretz - Founder

Yossi Peretz


Marek Lorinc - Founder

Marek Lorinc



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