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Founded in 1801, the London Stock Exchange is one of the oldest exchanges in the world. As of March 2021, the London Stock Exchange had the total value of markets listed on its platform as £3.8 trillion. In 2019, 2.2 million people subscribed to UK shares and stocks ISA accounts. Individuals own 13.5% of UK shares, and the rest are owned by companies and institutions like investment firms and banks. It’s evident that stock trading is prevalent in the UK, therefore can be beneficial to trade reputable stock trading apps.

Our team of experts has carefully analysed the various stock trading apps in the UK and developed a list of the best ones. We looked at the features, fees, benefits and downfalls of every stock trading app. We have also categorised the apps depending on the category they excel in the most. What follows is a list of best stock trading apps in the UK.

IG: Best Overall Stock Trading App

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If you are looking for an all-rounder stock trading app, go to the IG stock trading app. They have investment, pension and ISA accounts. They offer their clients spread betting, individual shares, contracts for difference and ready-made portfolios. The features of the app make it suitable for both experienced and novice investors. They have additional resources where users can learn more about trading. The IG Academy is an online platform that contains guides, quizzes and videos on specific trading topics.


  • Suitable for both experienced and novice investors.
  • The fees are low.
  • Easy management of investments from the mobile app.


  • You are charged fees even if inactive.
  • The process of opening an account is slow.

IG Fees:

Price per tradeUK: £8

US: £10

EU: 0.1% (min €10)
Frequent trader rateUK: £3

US: £0

EU: 0.1% (min €10)
Annual custody fee£96 (can be reduced by trading)
Bonds feeN/A
ETFs fee£3.00
Investment trusts fee£8.00
Phone dealing fee£40.00

eToro: Best Low-cost Stock Trading App

With eToro, you have the privilege of buying and selling various financial instruments ranging from currencies, bonds, currencies and exchange-traded funds, without being charged any commissions. The stock trading platform has advanced charting tools and the most extensive stock exchanges in the world. Creating an account is free, and you enjoy unlimited trading with all financial instruments.


  • Commission-fee trades.
  • Free to use.
  • Simple and easy setup.
  • Wide range of stocks.
  • No trade limits.
  • Detailed verification process.


  • Mandatory withdrawal fees.
  • Fairly complex trading platform.
  • Fees on all leveraged CFD or short orders.

eToro Fees:

Price per trade£0
Frequent trader rate N/A
Annual custody fee0.00%
Bonds fee£0.00
ETFs fee£0.00
Investment trusts fee£0.00
Phone dealing fee£0.00

Hargreaves Lansdown: Best Stock Trading App for Novice Investors

Just like IG, the Hargreaves Lansdown stock trading app is an all-rounder trading app. Their ISA and SIPP accounts are all on offer. You might find the platform more expensive if you don’t trade often. They also provide a lot of information and guides, which help users make informed trading decisions. As long as you have an internet connection, you can track all your investments using the Hargreaves Lansdown mobile app from any location in the world.


  • A wide variety of products, including SIPP and ISAs.
  • Cheaper for frequent, large amount traders.
  • No platform fee.
  • Easy and convenient trading from the mobile app.
  • Very resourceful with a vast knowledge base for investors.


  • The EFT fees can be pretty high.
  • If you are trading small amounts, it’s very costly.
  • Lacks a demo account.

Hargreaves Lansdown Fees:

Price per trade£11.95
Frequent trader rate£5.95
Annual custody fee0.45%
Bonds fee£11.95
ETFs fee£11.95
Investment trusts fee£11.95
Phone dealing fee£20 - £50

Interactive Investor: Best Stock Trading App for Funds Investment

This stock trading platform has nine different accounts for investors, where you can manage your investments and those of your family on the platform with one flat fee. The available financial instruments are shares, exchange-traded funds, funds, venture capital trusts, gilts, investment trusts and bonds. Investors have access to more than 3,000 funds. The platform has a screen tool which helps investors search for specific funds and get more information. You can also access insights, news and lists of popular funds.


  • Various products to choose from including SIPP and ISAs.
  • Refundable platform fee.
  • More affordable if you trade more.
  • A vast number of available funds.
  • The mobile app allows easy and convenient trading.


  • Very costly for trading in small amounts.

Interactive Investor Fees:

Price per trade£7.99 (with one free trade each month)
Frequent trader rateN/A
Annual custody fee£119.88 (£9.99 monthly)
Bonds fee£40.00
ETFs fee£7.99
Investment trusts fee£7.99
Phone dealing fee£49.00

DEGIRO: Best Stock Trading App for Global Trading

If you are an international trader, then DEGIRO is one the best stock trading apps for you. The app has more than 50 stock exchanges in more than 30 countries around the world. Even though the fee structure is complicated, it’s cheaper for international financial instruments than other global stock trading platforms. The best feature about international shares is that you have the freedom of diversifying your investments geographically. With DEGIRO, you can invest in ETFs, shares and bonds, which can help to diversify your investment portfolio. Sadly with DEGIRO, you can’t invest in the following financial instruments: pension products and ISAs.


  • Access to the international market and millions of shares.
  • Low fees for international trading.
  • The mobile app allows fast and easy access to your portfolio at all times.


  • Complicated fee structure.
  • No education tools.
  • No pension products or ISA stocks and shares.


Annual custody fee€0
Bonds fee€0
ETFs fee€2.00
Investment trusts fee€7.50
Phone dealing fee€10.00

Fidelity: Best Stock Trading App That’s Easy To Use

Fidelity offers popular stocks and shares. You can pick any of the Fidelity products to trade: ISAs, SIIP, or junior products. They even have a junior SIPP for organized investors who want to invest on behalf of their children. It has the most user-friendly platform with a simple layout and a step-by-step approach for its users. Novice investors are given plenty of investment options based on the user’s investment goals and risk profile.


  • The platform is simple and easy to use.
  • Guidance and resourceful tools available for users.
  • Plenty of investment options.


  • The onboarding process is slow.

Fidelity Fees:

Price per trade£10
Frequent trader rateN/A
Annual custody fee£10
Bonds fee£10
ETFs fee£10
Investment trusts fee£10
Phone dealing fee£30

Trading 212: Best Stock Trading App for Research

Are you a novice in trading and want to learn the art of stock trading while still investing? Trading 212 offers you all this on one platform. It has all the tools you need to know about stock trading and how trading works. The “learn” tab on the platform has plenty of resourceful information indexed alphabetically. Novice traders can also use the demo version, which allows you to trade in virtual funds. The site also provides users with advanced charting tools available in both mobile and desktop options.


  • Free to use, the platform has no trading fees.
  • Demo version allows users to practice without investing money.
  • Plenty of resources and educational materials for learning.
  • Available in both web browser and mobile apps.


  • The platform lacks lifetime ISA, junior ISA and personal pension.
  • The demo tutorial isn’t comprehensive.

Best Stock Trading Apps: Conclusion

There are many choices when it comes to stock trading apps. We think it’s essential to research different apps and platforms to find the right product for you and your level of trading skills. This article is an excellent place to start, and we hope it gives you a direction to go in when looking for the right software for you. 

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