Snapup Set To Revolutionise Online Shopping

Snapup aims to positively disrupt the online shopping space to the ultimate benefit of the consumer. The Snapup concept has been developed on the back of the underlining fact that there is a relatively wide disconnect between the quantity of products that capture our imagination and the number of these products we can actually afford. This disparity between premium goods and consumer affordability which more often than not forces a trade-off is what Snapup has been set-up to address.

Snapup will leverage the functions of shared economy to help token holders share part of their wealth in a mutually beneficial way. Leveraging the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain, the project will help members make up to 90% savings on premium goods.

It is known that these kinds of high quality products are popular with Millennial and Gen-Z consumers. However due to lower incomes, these generations are known to be more price savvy and often have to resort to opportunity cost of goods and services. Snapup understanding that the market dynamics have changed especially with regards to this tech-savvy demography looks to take advantage of high mobile penetration and the possibilities of alternative payments methods this presents to make premium goods affordable to consumers.

So what is Snapup? Snapup’s primary target market is persons between the ages of 18 and 30 that strive to be on the cutting edge of fashion and technology trends. Snapup through its revolutionary shopping platform will help them save between 80 to 90 percent on retail prices of all premium goods they desire to own. This purchase mechanism is executed through a ‘snapup’ or ‘snap’ which is a special event accessible only by Snapup members (Snapup token holders). It is organised in a similar fashion as an auction where participants pay between 10 and 20% of the retail prices of premium goods. But unlike traditional auctions that sell the item to the highest bidder, Sanpup makes use of a meritocracy algorithm to determine which of the participants at that particular instant desire the product the most. And even if a participant misses out on a particular product, he or she builds up points for a future bid purchase.


Snapcoin is a means by which all these is possible, it serves as a store of value and more or less a pass for participants into snap purchase events. The shared economy concept that Snapup leverages helps to drive down the cost of living and ultimately makes the world a better place to live in. The Snapup catalogue is virtually unlimited due to their drop shipping feature, and the focus is exclusively on brand new products.

Participating in the Snapup ICO presents an opportunity beyond merely investing; it presents an opportunity for you to make the lives of every member of the Snapup community better including yours. Join the Snapup crowdsale today and begin a journey into the world of premium product ownership.


Image below represents Snapup’s roadmap


For more details, follow the SnapUp ICO here.


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