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Quantum G Force AI is among the viral crypto trading systems today. The bot appears at the top of most experts’ lists for the best crypto robots for 2024.

We are amazed by its explosive popularity given that it has only been in the market for three months. The growing popularity is a result of its superb performance track record.

It’s also alleged to be the most newbie-friendly crypto trading system in the market. But is Quantum G Force a scam or a safe Bitcoin robot? Also, does it generate superior returns as alleged?

We present our findings to these and many more questions in this post. Please only try the bot after you have read this review.

Quantum G Force Review Summary

Quantum GForce

This post presents the findings of a thorough investigation of the Quantum G Force trading platform.

The investigation takes into account important factors such as transparency, reputation, safety, partner broker reliability, and customer support. Here is our summary of everything discussed in this post.

Trading platform type Fully automated crypto robot
Minimum investment USD 250
Trading platforms Desktop app, mobile app, and web trader
Availability Global – claims availability in over 120 countries
Legitimacy Tested and proven by thousands of traders
Potential returns Unspecified
Required trading experience level None
Customer support 24/7 – multilingual and available on live chat, phone, and email
Safety features Military-grade encryption and a detailed data privacy policy

All the findings presented in this post are based on user and expert feedback. We didn’t do any live trading and hence we can’t confirm the information herein with 100% certainty.

Please do your due diligence before depositing any money since you are fully responsible for your investment decisions.

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What is Quantum G Force AI?

Quantum G Force is reportedly a high-tech trading system that leverages AI algorithms to automate trading.

The platform alleges that it’s the pioneer in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in automated crypto trading. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is simply the simulation of human intelligence by computer programs.

Quantum G Force is reviewed by experts as the world’s most advanced crypto robot. The bot allegedly automates sophisticated volatility trading strategies to bet on crypto price swings at a high win rate.

Some reviews allege that the trading system has a history of outperforming the markets. This allegedly makes it the best-performing crypto trading robot in 2024. We couldn’t verify these statements but we do not doubt that they are accurate since the bot is highly rated by users.

Quantum G Force alleges that it speculates on thousands of crypto pairs. The bot accesses the tradable instruments from an underlying broker. Further background checks show that it can trade up to 15 crypto pairs simultaneously.

This explains its high potential compared to that of competing crypto robots. However, the high potential also translates to increased trading risk. Quantum G Force AI comes with a variety of risk management features. But the trading risk remains high even when these features are applied.

Quantum G Force Trading Strategies

Powered by AI algorithms

This bot attributes its high success rate to its superior trading strategies. All the strategies are reportedly executed on autopilot.

As a result, users do not need any trading skills to use the bot. As stated earlier, Quantum G Force AI is powered by AI algorithms. These algorithms derive insights from big data analysis.

The bot uses advanced subsets of AI to convert these insights into trades. It then sends these trades to the underlying broker for execution. The broker reportedly offers in-depth liquidity to ensure instant execution.

Instant order execution since it prevents slippage which can result in devastating losses.  As discussed below, this bot implements both technical and fundamental analysis. Our investigation reveals that it implements 3 main strategies as explained below.

Price trend analysis

The price trend technique falls under technical analysis. This technique involves the bot predicting future price patterns by analyzing historical price charts.

Price trend analysis is based on the assumption that asset prices follow predictable patterns. This means that the patterns will repeat in similar market conditions. Quantum G Force alleges implementing this technique quite accurately.

All the analysis is automated and hence the beginner trader doesn’t have to worry about the trading lingo behind this technique.

News trading

The news trading technique is the most popular in crypto trading. This is because of the sensitivity of digital currencies to new information.

The technique takes advantage of the volatility that results from new information entering the markets. Crypto is particularly sensitive to news given that most of its traders rely on the news to make decisions.

Quantum G Force AI alleges utilising NLP-powered algorithms to scour the web for volatility-driving news.

Arbitrage trading

In arbitrage trading, the bot buys crypto pairs in underpriced markets and sells them in overpriced markets.

Arbitrage trading can only be implemented by extremely fast computer algorithms given how fast the prices change. Quantum G Force alleges using fast-paced trading algorithms to implement this technique accurately.

Quantum G Force Trading Platforms

Traders can access this trading program on multiple devices. This is because it trades under the underlying broker’s web, mobile, and desktop apps.

The many Quantum G Force reviews on the web show that it’s quite fast on all the platforms.

Quantum G Force web trader

The web trader is accessible on most browsers but Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, and Brave are highly recommended.

This is because these browsers have a history of speed and safety. All the Quantum G Force features are available on the web trader.

Quantum G Force Desktop App

desktop app

The desktop app is also quite fast and comes with all the trading features. You will find its download link after signing up on the Quantum G Force website.

The app is built for MAC, Windows, and Linux. Moreover, it’s lightweight and won’t compromise the performance of your device.

Quantum G Force Mobile App

The Quantum G Force mobile app is the most popular. Users are required to sign up on the bot’s website to access it.

The platform offers Android and IOS apps. According to the reviewers, the Quantum G Force app is lightweight and fast.

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Is Quantum G Force AI a scam?

Quantum G Force is probably legit given its strong commitment to operating transparently.

Transparency is the first hallmark of a genuine crypto robot. Every information needed to make an informed investment decision is published on the official Quantum G Force website.

The information is quite accurate if the reports by independent expert reviewers are anything to go by. Some of the important information disclosed by the bot includes its pricing and partner brokers’ identities.

Quantum G Force AI has thousands of positive reviews on Reddit, Trustpilot, and other sites. The great reputation confirms that its users are happy with its results. They also report that the bot is affordable, easy to use, and provides great customer support services.

Our background checks confirm that the trading system provides 24/7 customer support. Their agents are quite informed and courteous. Traders can contact the support team through a live chat on the Quantum G Force website or call them via the provided phone number.

The bot also provides callbacks and email support. However, traders should only use these methods for less urgent inquiries. This is because it may take a couple of hours for the support team to respond to the callback or email.

Quantum G Force vs sham trading robots

Our investigation shows that Quantum G Force AI is legit. The bot doesn’t make outrageous profitability claims and it seems to live up to its promises. We find the bot to be quite reputable.

The table below summarises how this crypto trading system compares to the scam platforms.

Quantum G Force AI Sham trading platforms
High-level transparency Operates in opaqueness
Realistic and verifiable information Outrageous profitability claims
Amazing reviews Many complaints
Quality customer support Poor customer support services
Verifiable safety measures No verifiable safety measures
Regulated partner brokers Sham offshore partner brokers
Fast withdrawals Users can’t access their funds

Getting started with Quantum G Force AI

Quantum G Force trades hundreds of crypto pairs on autopilot. All that you need to do to trade with it is to sign up, fund your account, and click the live trading button.

The bot claims to automate all the trading functions through its AI-driven algorithms. Signing up with it is free and the minimum trading balance required is quite affordable. Get started with Quantum G Force in five steps as elaborated below.


Quantum-GForce signup

Visit the Quantum G Force website and fill out and submit the signup form. An email will be sent to your email with instructions to verify your contact details. You will automatically be redirected to the underlying broker’s page after finishing this step.

ID verification

The broker will require you to upload some documents for ID verification. They will compare the names provided during signup to those of your ID to verify your account.

Account funding

The underlying broker provides multiple payment methods. Select your preferred funding method and deposit at least USD 250. Deposits are instant and free.

Demo trading

Familiarize yourself with the bot’s trading dashboard via the provided demo. You should master all the Quantum G Force settings on the demo platform.

Live trading

Running Quantum G Force in the live markets starts with a click of a button. You can monitor all the trading in the bot’s trading dashboard.

Quantum G Force website and login page safety

As stated earlier, this bot implements adequate safety measures. Our investigation ascertains that the Quantum G Force website is encrypted. Their login page is also well-protected.

Moreover, the bot has an in-depth data privacy policy. The policy shows that it handles all users’ data in strict confidentiality. It’s also observant of other safety measures as guided by the GPDR.

Is Quantum G Force legit? Final word

Quantum G Force AI’s dedication to transparency and safety confirms that it’s an authentic trading platform.

The platform is quite popular with crypto traders. Many of its users have reviewed it quite well on Trustpilot. The bot has also gone viral on social media with many traders following it on Reddit, X, and Facebook.

Quantum G Force is allegedly driven by AI algorithms to ensure fast and accurate trading data analysis. The data analysis leads to quality insights that are automatically translated into highly successful trades.

While Quantum G Force AI has high potential, it also comes at significant risk. Users are encouraged to treat its risk disclaimer seriously and only invest what they can afford to lose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Quantum G Force charge signup fees?

Quantum G Force doesn’t seem to charge any license fees. You only pay the bot a commission when you start earning profits.

Who founded Quantum G Force AI?

The bot hasn’t disclosed its founders. However, it claims that it’s owned by a renowned trading company with headquarters in London.

Does Quantum G Force support multiple payment methods?

Quantum G Force via its partner broker supports up to 15 payment methods. You must go through their verification process to add a new payment method.

How do I close my Quantum G Force account?

Quantum G Force allows you to deactivate or close a trading account. All you need to do is to click the settings link at the footer of the trading dashboard. You will find the options after clicking the “manage account” tab.