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AI has shown a significant level of functionality within crypto trading niches and other financial sectors in recent years. This means that it shouldn’t take a huge leap to understand that it can have just as important capabilities when it comes to making the right decisions in picking the most worthwhile stocks. Cutting-edge data research and analytics will be the top way to assist investors in making the top moves in global financial landscapes – and AltIndex.com is aiming to provide an unrivaled level of functionality in the stock sector.

As it is a relatively new platform, we have done our research to provide you with all of the information you need about AltIndex.com before signing up. This review will include its features, capabilities and viability as a strong tool for enhancing your chances of success and diversifying your investment portfolio.

First Impressions of Altindex

One of the aspects to caught our eye about AltIndex.com was the fact that PSY Ventures recently made an undisclosed investment into the platform. With such strong backing from one of the leading venture capital firms (and one that specialises in determining the latest in disruptive technologies, no less), this has certainly put this software’s name on the map. With just a cursory glance, it quickly becomes clear that this is a highly-performing solution to the difficult process of picking the top stocks. Not only is it the first platform of its kind to provide AI-driven insights, but it also has a 75% win rate over a six-month period that shouldn’t be overlooked. 


Before we take a closer look at the services and more on offer, it’s worthwhile to begin with the fact that this is a platform that is driven by advanced technologies, top AI software and sophisticated algorithms that will use everything from traditional to alternative data sources. It will draw insightful conclusions using thousands of data points by analysing the most relevant indicators; to enable investors to fully leverage the most pertinent information with a clear focus on precision and profitability.

While it is already establishing itself as a market disrupter and industry leader, the fact that it is generating interest and securing investments from such significant names, it is likely to rise above even its functionality and performance when analyzing publicly traded companies for both current and future users.

What to expect from Altindex

Altindex is an alternative data research platform that has been designed to analyse publicly traded companies to determine the top options for stock investments for users. The highly intuitive, cutting-edge AI software uses nothing short of the most advanced technologies and algorithms to make unrivaled decisions and bring deep insights that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Individuals signing up for this platform can make better-informed choices using empowering, actionable intelligence for outstanding investments that perform.

AltIndex.com is a next-generation alternative data research platform that leverages advanced technologies and algorithms to analyse the data provided on publicly traded companies. By harnessing the power of alternative data sources, AltIndex.com provides investors with unparalleled insights and actionable intelligence, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive exceptional investment outcomes. You’ll be able to get the latest stock alerts and pick stocks, using thousands of AI-driven alternative insights.

Top features at a glance:

  • Unique alternative data insights
  • Cutting-edge data research and advanced analytics
  • Leveraged global financial data
  • 75% win rate over six months
  • Dynamic stock alerts
  • The ability to pick from the leading stock options
  • A financial boost from PSY Ventures, supporting growth and future innovation

With all of these in mind, why wouldn’t you want to get involved with this market disruptor?

What is alternative data?

When it comes to traditional trading and investment AI, the software will use a host of datasets from the most reliable and relevant sources to provide actionable insights for investors. AltIndex.com takes a unique approach to these processes by utilising alternative data. What this means is that information will be taken from nontraditional areas of finance and performance, such as social media trends and commentary, employee sentiment, user trends, credit card transactions and even additional digital environments like satellite imagery. These go beyond the standard perceptions provided by broker opinions and company filings and bring a fresh perspective that can increase success in determining lucrative financial decisions.

As stocks can be incredibly difficult to track for new investors and markets are becoming increasingly oversaturated, AI brings better capabilities to the foreground for an array of individuals worldwide. Wider accessibility for financial markets means that it is becoming increasingly important to gain an edge over the competition – and AltIndex provides just that.

Trading with AI technology

As the aim of the game is to maximise stock selections and minimise the potential for losses, formulating trading ideas, and strategies and leveraging unique information that can impact moves in financial spaces can completely change your outcomes. There has been a growing demand for alternative data in a host of digital and financial environments, and

AltIndex.com is applying innovation to boost accessibility and success for the stock markets.

How the AI stock-picking software at AltIndex works

When it comes to selecting AI stock-picking services, it can be important to choose a provider that prioritises performance, transparency and the number of selections on offer both daily and weekly. Keep an eye on elements like pricing, target returns, supportive markets and customer support. The good news is that as AltIndex is one of the leading names in the niche, you can expect it to perform above the competition in these areas. 

It does this by bringing a unique focus on social sentiment analysis and combining data taken from places like social media networks to analyze billions of data points. Users can expect next-generation AI combined with natural language processing, helping to structure data into categories, while using specialist information on real-user demographics, including age, location and even income brackets. This social analytic approach extends to news article mentions, job postings, website visits and more – and compares specific information to industry averages that could become indicators of company growth and future potential. Users can expect access to thousands of both large and small-cap companies when using AltIndex.

All of this alternative data is compiled and converted into an AI score from 0-100 almost instantaneously. The score given correlates to the sentiment in companies and stocks, so more intelligent choices should lean towards those who have higher scores.

Another unique aspect of AltIndex is that it allows users to browse recommendations manually, to choose the stocks that align with their portfolios and personal needs. The unique ranking feature provides lists by respective AI score, including strong buys and strong sells. There is a unique filter for industries that cover banking, retail, security services, hotels, airlines, transportation and more – and if you find one that looks attractive, it’s a simple process to click to find out more about its top metrics. These features make it accessible to both new and more experienced investors with varying needs.

The features on offer at Altindex: an in-depth look

Unique stock picks determined by AI

ai stock picks

When you want to stay ahead of the competition and make smarter investment decisions, AltIndex brings far more diverse insights to help you make newer, more advantageous stock picks. Advanced algorithms take data from tried and true financial environments, as well as harness a more original approach with social media data and more; all to bring a deeper, more intelligent, sharper approach to selecting the right stocks. With past performance in mind, there is a six-month log showing returns, and this suggests that of the top 35 stock recommendations, 75% yielded a profit. 

Actionable stock alerts

stock alerts

The stock markets and sentiment can change incredibly fast, so staying on top of movements can be imperative to making the right decisions. This means that alerts can be a pivotal way to get informed about company developments and maintain/improve stock portfolios. AltIndex will provide automatic notifications whenever an array of companies experience surges or drops in popularity – and this can be when webpage traffic changes, sentiment changes on social media platforms, when employee satisfaction levels change and in many more scenarios. 

This is all performed with cutting-edge AI that undertakes advanced data analytics via unique tools and approaches for real-time reporting. As stock markets can be volatile, all emails will be sent as and when the market moves happen, so users can expect anywhere from 1-10, right up to 50 alerts per day depending on their subscription, sentiment and performance.

Company performance monitoring

Monitor Company Performance with Altindex

With a more comprehensive approach to defining the top stock options through investment analysis, AltIndex brings new functionality to company performance monitoring. Via the power of more impactful data, utilising a plethora of alternative data points and tracking and comparing long-term statistics; information can be benchmarked against industry peers and more for a uniquely deep understanding of investment opportunities.

Start picking stocks with Altindex

If you decide that Altindex is the stock-picking tool for you, it will take just a few moments to create an account. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Step 1 

Simply click the ‘sign up’ icon that can be found at the top of the home page (or any page on the AltIndex website) and either set up your account by continuing with Google or entering your name, email and a secure password (this will require double entry to ensure no mistakes).

Step 2

Select a payment plan to meet your needs. There are options to start your journey with AltIndex for free which includes up to two stock alerts and 20 dashboard visits, a starter plan for $29 per month and 10 stock alerts and a pro plan for $99 that provides unlimited stock alerts and a personalised approach to customer support.

Step 3 

Choose between manual or automatic access to stock insights, take some time to make the most educated stock picks and begin to build your portfolio.

Why use AltIndex to help with stock picks?

The top reason to choose AI to assist with stock picking is the fact that it can automate chart analysis using deep insights made through AI recognition and machine learning. Users will get real-time updates on potential trends, intuitively and automatically, when specific indicators are triggered. When investing in stocks, speed can be incredibly important and AI is unrivaled in its capabilities over human efforts.

When considering the functionality of AltIndex, not only is it already well-established in the niche with a strong community, but with its recent acquisition of investment from PSY Ventures, there is significant potential for future growth. Prioritising the needs of users through innovative technologies and actionable insights, has the potential to revolutionise the way investing in stock markets is approached.


Does AltIndex come with a subscription?

Some users may be put off by the subscription-based services, but there is the option to set up a free account and get to grips with all of the features and profit potential on offer. This means that there will be no need to access paid services unless you want to fully utilise all of the amazing tools on offer and further maximise your efforts.

What is AltIndex’s success rate?

There is a 75% win rate when taking performance analytics for AltIndex over the past six months. This is a fantastic number for those hoping to make a profit from their stock choices and the great news is that this is likely to perform even better as the platform grows.

Is utilising AI better than manually searching stock options?

AI has certainly grown in functionality and has a host of applications across varying financial markets. As it is intrinsically designed to revolutionise human approaches to long and tedious data-driven tasks, there is certainly a myriad of benefits to be had by leveraging its potential when making stock choices.