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Nkor ICO

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Solving copyright issues forever.

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March 3rd 2018 To April 2nd 2018



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United States

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Nkor is changing the copyrights industry by providing a seamless solution for registering, tracking, and distributing digital data, whether it is copyrighted digital content or content still unprotected by copyright laws. The Nkor team believes that the traditional law industry is failing to catch up with the tech industry especially in the continuous, consistent and never-ending stream of content being created online every single day. Nkor is harnessing the blockchain technology to solve the problems at hand and the opportunity to truly make a change, an impact, leave a mark and help so many creators in the process. it is finally a solution worth perusing, creating and unleashing into the copyrights ecosystem. A true creators community revolving creation in a safe environment where each creator can make sure his art is registered, safe and payment will be made if needs be by other members using their work. Nkor is solving a true pain in an industry where the artist has long been forgotten. Whether they are famous, unknown, photographers or bloggers, Nkor is a simple solution. We are doing good, we are making a change. This is our contribution to blockchain, to artists, to the world. Nkor is based first and foremost on a community of creators. We have a disruptive solution that is desperately needed by this community. we have the technology to protect and help this community grow.



Eric Klein - Founder

Eric Klein



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