NBA Team the Dallas Mavericks to Sell Tickets for Bitcoin Next Season

With hundreds of millions of fans globally basketball under the auspices of the NBA is one of the world’s most popular sports. Some of the teams in the NBA intend to make some significant changes in the way their game tickets are purchased. One of such teams is the Dallas Mavericks which is partly-owned by billionaire Mark Cuban.

Mark used to be an avowed critic of Bitcoin and cyrptocurrencies some years back. However after moments of studying and understating what makes cryptocurrencies and blockchain tick, he is now an active evangelist for blockchain and its appendages.

Mark announced that Bitcoin users will be able to purchase their season tickets with the cryptocurrency for his team in the next season. This was after he was asked on micro-blogging site Twitter about the possibilities of purchasing his team’s ticket with Bitcoin.

He further added weight to this when he was asked to confirm this by Bloomberg. He said the statement was true and there will be the option to pay in Ether as well. He adds that “As far as tokens, we will be taking tokens originated by companies with whom we have business relationships.”

He continued by saying that “some people want to buy products in crypto to prove a point. We are happy to make it easy for them. And for existing Mavs fans that prefer to spend cryptocurrency, we are happy to make it easy for them.”