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2023 seems to be the year for exciting and innovative crypto pre-sales and at the end of September came possibly one of the most exciting of all – Meme Kombat. With its centralised Web3 infrastructure and a focus on both reliability and transparency, individuals will be able to place bets on battling meme characters for the first time ever. Appealing to gamers worldwide, Meme Kombat is the meme coin everybody has been waiting for – and here’s why!

What is Meme Kombat?

Meme Kombat

Innovation is what the cryptocurrency niche is well known for, and the developers behind this new crypto pre-sale have stepped up to the plate with a never-before-seen concept that is ticking all the right boxes. They have leveraged the fact that blockchain is uniquely capable of bringing together some top market trends, namely memes, betting and gaming. This means that anybody with a passion for maximising their entertainment potential using digital currencies while making money will be able to have fun and stake their coins in a whole new way. 

Taking crypto in an entirely new direction, users won’t simply be required to buy and trade their $MK tokens but instead, stake them in Meme Kombat and bet on battles. There will be opportunities to win big in the arena, as well as to join hyped battles and so much more.

How does Meme Kombat work? 

Players will be able to choose from an initial set of 11 meme characters and wager on an array of bets during unique battles in this meme-infused environment that maximises stake-to-earn and stake-to-bet potential. Not only will there be the ability to bet on the outcomes of battles, but also to earn an income from staking when using the platform’s native $MK token, rewards for engagement and time spent on the platform and even bonuses for the top ranking players hitting the leaderboards.

Meme Kombat aims to provide an ecosystem where automated battles are undertaken using meme coins – and the fantastic news is that all outcomes will be determined directly on the blockchain for tamper-resistant, fully secure results. As you would expect from a crypto-driven project, the developers have employed cutting-edge AI technology in order to generate nothing short of the most engaging, visually attractive battles. What more could you want from a gambling, gaming experience than unpredictability, randomized battle sequences and dynamic gameplay?

Top attractive features of Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat presale

One of the interesting things about the gaming economics of Meme Kombat is its unique staking system. For token holders who prefer long-term staking, there will be the opportunity to earn a passive income through annual percentage yields. This will be scalable depending on the individual’s platform use and engagement. Attractively, the staking mechanism used will be automatically instigated for all presale buyers, and rewards will be earned during the initial phase. There will then be the opportunity to re-stake tokens via the claim page once presale ends. This new approach to staking means that coins can still become what’s known as economically active – as they will be used as stakes for wagering purposes.

 Other key features to keep in mind are:

  • Meme Kombat will operate on the Ethereum blockchain, so there will be real-time updates on battle outcomes – and both wagers and rewards will be instantly updated for ultimate transparency
  • A whopping 50% of the total token supply will be dedicated to sale in the presale phase and this is broken down as 30% for staking and rewards, 10% for community rewards and the final 10% used for liquidity on the decentralized exchange. The overall token supply is 12,000,000
  • Staking rewards compound daily
  • Meme Kombat has the potential to reach unprecedented heights as the platform grows and the time-trusted network effects of cryptocurrency projects settle in
  • Global online gambling is fast becoming a popular activity with enthusiasts worldwide and Meme Kombat is setting itself up at the right time to achieve big things with the right backing
  • This crypto project is as financially innovative as it is conceptually inventive

With memes being some of the most popular and shareable forms of content available on the internet today, it’s no secret that meme coins play on FOMO, humour and a sense of community that you simply won’t find anywhere else. As a result, these have become extremely prevalent in crypto spaces. Meme Kombat has found its corner of the market and is ready to be a disruptor while things are still going strong.

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Ultimate transparency with a doxxed founder

In one of the first cases for a crypto pre-sale, the founder, Matt Whiteman, is fully doxxed and ready to take this project to unprecedented levels. With experience in process design and improvement in the last 20 years and a passion for the capabilities of Web3 technology, his is an exciting name to lend to innovations in the niche. Meme Kombat is the only project that has a verifiable team behind it, as well as a physical address. This is widely unheard of within the crypto niche in general, and offers an unrivaled level of transparency and trust in a space that is rife with scams.

Is it time to get involved with Meme Kombat today?

Meme Kombat Get into Action

With so many attractive features and its vast potential, it seems that Meme Kombat is going to be one of the heaviest-hitting crypto pre-sales not only this year but potentially of the next few to come. It is opening up a whole new environment for both meme-powered and game-based gambling, all while offering dual-purpose staking that allows investors to earn a yield while betting their stakes. Further down the line, there will be the potential for new game modes to be added to the ecosystem, the potential for partnerships and more. With all of this in mind, there truly is nothing else quite like Meme Kombat on the market.

Whether you are looking for a potentially lucrative project to get involved with, diversify your portfolio with a more unique long-term staking opportunity, or play your assets to your interests; Meme Kombat token is certain to be the meme coin you’ve been waiting for.