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Immediate Evista, also known as Immediate Evista AI or Immediate Evista 360, is a fast-rising autonomous trading system.

The trading system is allegedly AI-driven and this ensures a high success rate. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key to data-driven trading. The bot attributes its great performance to the data-driven trading approach.

But is Immediate Evista AI a scam or a safe and reliable crypto investing program? Our team of experts have investigated it and their findings are discussed in this review.

Immediate Evista Review Summary

Trading platform type Fully autonomous trading bot
Known brand names Immediate Evista, Immediate Evista 360, and Immediate Evista AI
Availability 60+ countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, and a few countries in the Americas
Tradable assets Up to 500 crypto CFD pairs
Minimum deposit USD 250
Profitability rate Unspecified
Required trading experience level None
Customer support services 24/7 and multilingual
Safety measures Military-grade

What is Immediate Evista?

Immediate Evista

Crypto investing is one of the most popular ways to make money online. The asset class is quite attractive to traders given its high volatility.

The high volatility creates amazing opportunities for investors to generate profits. But volatility trading also involves extremely high risk. Investors must learn to build quality trades and manage trading risk if they are to be successful.

However, many investors find the traditional learning process to be quite tedious and complicated. Immediate Evista claims to solve this challenge by automating the technical parts of crypto trading.

This means that the platform is a bot for automated crypto investing. The Immediate Evista reviews on Reddit, FX Army, and Trustpilot shows that it’s a top-performing bot. It’s reportedly a top performer in the coveted list of the best crypto robots in 2024.

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How does Immediate Evista AI work?

Immediate Evista adopts the data-driven approach to trading. As the experts say, data is the new gold.

This implies that data-driven investments have the highest chance of success. However, analysing big data for investment insight is quite complicated. It takes extremely powerful computer systems to analyse trading data accurately.

Immediate Evista claims that its algorithms are superfast and accurate. The platform leverages AI to achieve and maintain high accuracy. Its algorithms are reportedly ML-enabled to learn and improve themselves.

AI ensures superfast data analysis and this helps the bot to capitalise on all opportunities. Crypto prices change very fast given the speed at which new information enters the market.

Immediate Evista claims that its high success track record is made possible by its superfast trading algorithms. Discussed below are the techniques that the bot claims to apply to trade the markets successfully.

 News-driven trading

If the analyst reports are anything to go by, then news trading is the holy grail of success in crypto investing.

The crypto markets are always hungry for new information. As a result, any trader who can capture the news as it happens and accurately glean insights from them is bound to be profitable.

However, news trading isn’t easy given how fast the markets adapt to it. Immediate Evista AI uses its powerful algorithms to trade the news accurately. The algorithms are also said to boost the speed of trading.

 Price trend analysis

Price trend Analysis

Analysts believe that the markets are cyclical and hence price patterns will always repeat when the conditions are favorable.

The price trend technique is based on this assumption and it involves a detailed study of historical price charts to identify the patterns. These patterns are used to make trading decisions.

Immediate Evista AI claims that it uses the AI algorithm to implement price charts trading at high accuracy. We couldn’t establish the accuracy level of their algorithms.

 Arbitrage trading

This is a sophisticated technique that is traditionally applied by highly experienced traders. Investopedia defines arbitrage trading as the technique that involves exploiting the tiny differences in price between similar or identical assets.

In simpler terms, the technique involves buying a financial asset in low priced market and selling it in high priced market. The arbitrage trader pockets the difference between the buying and the selling price as the profit.

Immediate Evista 360 allegedly uses its AI-driven algos to implement the arbitrage technique at a high win rate.

 AI-driven risk management

The best crypto trading strategies must always be backed by a risk management plan. A trader is bound to make losses if they fail to build an effective risk management plan. Risk management is arguably the hardest part of trading.

Immediate Evista AI makes the risk management process easy by automating it. Its risk management algorithms reportedly align the risk management plan with the individual trader’s risk appetite.

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Who founded Immediate Evista AI?

Some posts claim that the trading bot was founded by popular WST-based volatility traders. However, Immediate Evista doesn’t mention its founders on its website.

Their About Us page only identifies the London-based company that manages it. The bot is reportedly one of the many successful trading solutions founded by the UK-based company.

Moreover, the bot alleges that it’s maintained by a highly diverse team. The team reportedly includes crypto analysts, quants, and trading software developers. A statement on the About Us page indicates that they are hiring new team members.

Immediate Evista App and web trader

Mobile trading

Immediate Evista provides desktop, web, and mobile trading. The Immediate Evista AI app is the most popular.

Users report using it on Android, IOS, and Windows devices. It’s reportedly superfast and lightweight hence ensuring a smooth trading process. The bot can also be accessed via its web trader which is compatible with most browsers.

Traders can also access the trading platform via its desktop app. Immediate Evista 360 claims that its desktop app supports Windows, Linux, and MAC devices.

Immediate Evista 360 on social media

Immediate Evista 360 has acquired thousands of social media followers in the few months it has been in the market.

The platform is alleged to be the most popular in its category in 2024. Our investigation shows that it has been trending on X in several countries. Read on to learn how Immediate Evista AI ranks on different platforms.

 Immediate Evista 360 Trustpilot Ratings

Trustpilot is a big review site with millions of page hits every day. The review site allows consumers to rate and share feedback on different products and services.

Immediate Evista is the best-rated crypto investing bot on the platform. It had 4.3k reviews and a general rating of 4.4/5 at the time of publishing this post.

 Immediate Evista Reddit Ratings

Reddit is among the world’s biggest social media platforms. It’s a unique site given that it allows users to review products and services and build communities around them. Immediate Evista 360 is among Reddit’s top-rated crypto investing platforms. The bot boasts hundreds of thousands of followers on this site.

Some of the followers allege trying the trading system and finding it profitable. We couldn’t verify if these claims are from real users.

The Pros and Cons of Immediate Evista

Advantages Disadvantages
HIGH-LEVEL PROFITABILITY High-level trading risk
Safe trading environment Not available in some countries
Easy to use for newbies  
Many traders find it affordable  
Doesn’t charge hidden fees  
Deposits and withdrawals are free  
Supports multi-device trading  

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Is Immediate Evista a scam?

Highly innovative automated crypto trading systems are coming up every day thanks to the growth of AI technologies.

Unfortunately, not all the self-proclaimed crypto robots marketing themselves on the web are worth their salt. Most of the trading bots out there do not keep their word and several are outrightly a scam.

We’ve subjected Immediate Evista 360 to in-depth legitimacy tests to determine if it’s a worthwhile investment. From our investigation, it’s clear that the bot is genuine.  The platform is legit because;

It operates on high transparency

Many users review it highly

It offers a safe trading environment

Their customer support services are good

It works under reputable brokers

 High-level transparency

The willingness of a platform to disclose vital information says a lot about its legitimacy. Genuine trading platforms disclose all the info a trader requires to make informed trading choices.

Immediate Evista AI demonstrates its straightforwardness by publishing crucial data on its site. The data includes all its fees, the trading fees associated with its partner brokers, and the identity of its partners.

 Great reputation

Immediate Evista has an amazing reputation as is evident with its general Trustpilot ratings. As stated earlier, it’s rated 4.4/5 after more than 4500 reviews.

The platform also boasts great ratings on social media. Many reviewers report that the bot performs exceptionally well with superior daily earnings as dictated by the market volatility.

How to trade with Immediate Evista

Immediate Evista 360 claims that it reduces trading complexity by more than 90%. It reportedly achieves this by automating the technical trading research process and order execution.

As explained below, signing up and trading crypto with Immediate Evista 360 is quite easy.

 Register on the Immediate Evista website

Immediate Evista - Registration

This simple step involves filling out a signup form on the official Immediate Evista 360 website. The signup should lead you to the underlying broker’s page where you will be prompted to verify your account

 Verify the registration via a broker

Verifying your Immediate Evista account is also straightforward. The broker may take several hours to complete the process but this shouldn’t prevent you from continuing to the next steps.

 Fund your Immediate Evista account

Funding the Immediate Evista trading account is also facilitated by the broker. The funding process is also said to be straightforward. Select your favourite payment method from the provided list.

 Take the tutorials and demo

Immediate Evista AI provides tutorials and demos to help users familiarise themselves with it before going live. Take this step very seriously to avoid simple but costly mistakes during the live trading session.

 Start a live trading session

Immediate Evista AI works like a charm if you’ve got the settings right. You can sit back and monitor all the live trading through the highly intuitive Immediate Evista App.

Is Immediate Evista legit? Final word!

We have done everything necessary to determine if Immediate Evista is legit. Our investigation confirms that the trading bot is genuine.

There is a huge possibility of it being profitable given how well users and the experts review it. The many Immediate Evista reviews on Google reveal that users are satisfied with it.

Moreover, the bot is highly rated by industry-leading reviewers. Signing up with Immediate Evista 360 is free and the required minimum deposit is affordable. Visit their site for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Immediate Evista work?

Immediate Evista is a self-proclaimed autonomous crypto investing software. The platform alleges using AI to ride the digital currencies' volatility.

Does Immediate Evista 360 charge any fees?

Immediate Evista AI fees reportedly only apply to profitable accounts. Users don’t pay anything until they start generating returns. A small commission is charged on the returns.

Can I earn a profit with Immediate Evista AI?

Many users claim that it delivers huge profits. The experts who have tested it also claim that it has the potential to deliver amazing returns.

Is Immediate Evista 360 newbie-friendly?

Immediate Evista trading bot is newbie-friendly since it automates trading research, risk management, and order placing.