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The unfortunate truth about advertising is that the strategy of most companies would not work in this competitive market. For example, pop-up advertisements would not be enough to attract the desired customers.  For local audiences, providing pop-up advertisements about unrelated products would not be an effective marketing solution.  These problems are what the team in VANM aims to solve through their new take on digital marketing and advertisement. In this article, we will look at the VANM platform and its advantages and disadvantages. 

What Is VANM? 

VANM stands for “Viral Advertising Network Mining.” VANM’s founders are Illia Sakovsky, Daniel Reuter, and Florian Heller. The founders launched the company’s digital currency pre-sale from November 17, 2017, to December 30, 2019. The company distributed over 146,000,000 VANM to interested cryptocurrency investors.  VANM is a search engine that compares the supply and demand of local advertising to make the most effective advertising campaign. The company’s last advertising campaign was the Bitqt mobile application. This campaign brought strong praises for its convenience and accessibility for cryptocurrency beginners. The application’s advertising campaign received an 88% success rate. 

How Does VANM Work? 

VANM effectively filters out campaign advertisements in real-time to the target customer’s demand as a search engine. By filtering out unwanted noise for the customers, companies can effectively dial in on the customers interested in their products.  The best part about VANM is that it rewards its users with advertising revenue. While maintaining the users’ anonymity, VANM provides one of the lowest marketing costs in the industry similar to trading platforms like Bitcoin Motion. On the other hand, VANM rewards its customers for advertising consumption, feedback, and sharing. 

The VANM Token 

VANM released its token to the public, with at least 60% of the total supply distributed to the community. 1 VANM is approximately equal to 0.0005 ETH, with the potential of an increase in value as soon as traction picks up.  Unfortunately, there is very little information on the uprising company, especially about the price movements of the company’s digital assets. Thus, it might be very difficult to acquire this cryptocurrency on your local trading platforms.  Nevertheless, make sure to stay tuned for more VANM updates in the future as the company readies itself to offer more features in the upcoming year. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How do companies pay for VANM’s advertising services?

VANM accepts its digital currency as the primary mode of payment in the mobile application. VANM offers a variety of payment methods to make it easier for you to transfer funds to the mobile application.

Is the VANM mobile app good?

VANM achieved full market penetration on December 31, 2019, receiving acceptable ratings from different users. The company looks to expand its services by improving more features for the users and clients.