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Our ICO Review Process – Before Listing On The Platform

In the spirit of custodianship and bringing quality ICO projects to prospective investors and our audience, we try as much as possible to screen and vet ICO projects that apply to list on our platform. For us, it is very important that these projects meet certain basic requirements before a listing spot is offered.

What We Look Out for in an ICO Project?

  1. A project must have a working and professionally designed and run website.
  2. Founders and/or management team members should be provided with their social media profiles.
  3. Projects must have well-spelt-out value proposition, and this value proposition must make basic sense of solving an identified issue facing either a legal demographic sect or the world in its entirety.
  4. Projects must state that they have put in place steps to ensure that investors’ funds will be properly secured and as much as possible have measures in place to mitigate ICO wallet hacks.
  5. We search the web about the project and its entire ICO process to make sure it has not been embroiled in any form of controversy to the best of our findings.

We do this in spite of the fact that we have clearly stated in our Terms of Use (ToU) and Legal Disclaimer that we are not liable for investments made into ICO projects that get listed on our platform – and even though we go further to advice people to carry out their own research before making an investment decision, we inherently feel it is imperative that we do not just leave the door ajar for any and every project to have a field day in getting listed just because they are paying for the listing spots. We are of the belief that the investor’s interest is paramount and as such we try to the best of our abilities as a team to present our audience with quality projects as much as we can surmise. And in the unfortunate event that a listed project turns out wrong we do not hesitate to pull it down and tag it a ‘Scam Suspect‘ within as such short a frame of time as possible (that is after the needed checks have been done to confirm same).

We believe that it is important to help mitigate losses by being proactive with this especially in the light of how easy it is for people to lose money in the high risk-high reward ICO industry.

Furthermore, it is important that as crypto and industry actors, we try as much as we can to stem the negative narrative that some mainstream media continue take advantage of and churn out just to put cryptocurrency projects in a bad light even though the vast majority of crypto-projects are doing awesome stuff that need to be commended. Mainstream media will more often than not disregard the fact that just a few projects engaging in nefarious activities. They seem to give such unscrupulous projects a wider media coverage which in turn puts an entire industry of mostly super-cool result-oriented folks who are changing the world into disrepute. As such since the space is largely unregulated and we know that excess and inappropriate regulation can stifle innovation, we have decided on our own volition and as our contribution to the crypto and blockchain community to do some sort of self-regulation to help sanitize the system.

Post Listing Actions

We constantly and continuously stay in touch with projects to keep abreast and up-to-date to ascertain whether or not they are still on track. We also clarify from projects to make sure that the information they have supplied is truthful and not meant to deceive anyone.

We believe that the aforementioned are a no-brainer that should not be difficult for genuine projects to make available. We are hopeful that as the industry firms up, actors and stakeholders will have basic agreeable requirements for projects so we can effectively bring to book and weed out unscrupulous individuals who have made it their favorite past time to reap where they have not sown so that genuine entrepreneurs can be given the opportunity to raise ICO funds in the clearest of terms and environment to be able to actualize their dreams whiles investors’ funds are to a larger extent secured.

* Kindly note that by making use of the ICOWatchlist platform, you agree to our Disclaimer & TOU and are aware of the fact that the platform does NOT give investment advice. It is prudent to do your own research.

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