ICO Focus: Interview With Sameer Misson of GLUON

The CEO of GLUON Sameer Misson talks to us about the project’s ongoing GLU token sale and the project in its entirety;

Hello Sameer, what is GLUON and what inspired the project?

Gluon is a technology company that specializes in automotive applications. We have created a platform that links vehicles into our platform using IoT, AI and Blockchain.

Gluon was formed in 2014 as an idea to create a tool capable of reprogramming a vehicles engine control unit (ECU). From that point, the founders believed that such a versatile and multi-faceted device when plugged into vehicles could revolutionize the marketplace, unifying an industry that has largely been compartmentalized. The idea for an all-inclusive tool and platform to connect three main markets (manufacturers, distributors/retailers and consumers) was launched.

To date, Gluon has raised over $2m in venture funding for research and development. With this funding, Gluon developed FCC certified hardware, iOS/Android applications, a web platform and cloud infrastructure to connect the three markets identified. Gluon retained Stoel Rives, LLP to file two patent applications for its technology and designs.

After exhibiting at the Autosport Show in Birmingham, SEMA show in Las Vegas, and the Blockchain Expo in Santa Clara, Gluon has secured numerous deals for its solutions in the USA, Japan, UK, Sweden and India.

Can you highlight the collective talents in your team that makes this project an outstanding one?

Our founders are highly successful entrepreneurs with decades of diverse experience from automotive parts manufacturing and distribution, to ecommerce and banking platform development. Founders have generated approximately $1B in revenue through previous and existing businesses. The current core team was assembled with growth and scalability as a core specification.

It seems only few projects on blockchain do what you are setting out to do. Who are your competitors and how does GLUON stand out?

I would say the main difference is that Gluon is not simply a whitepaper idea but a thriving platform that has been in development for many years now. We have quite a bit of IP and development under our belt so far:

These are the patent pending applications that are already filed.

  • S. Patent Application No. 29/614,997. For: VEHICLE DIAGNOSTICS DEVICE
  • Currently in the process of submitting additional filings in 2018.

Our IP contains but is not limited to

  • Mark I OBDII Hardware with FCC/CE/E24 certifications for Hardware
  • Mark II OBDII Hardware in Development Phase Pending FCC certifications
  • Gluon ecosystem – software for embedded side, web portal, iOS and Android apps.

The GLUON OBD Connectivity Diagram

We at Gluon spent years developing and fine-tuning our own hardware, developed 100% from the ground up. We added everything we could possibly want from voltage sensors, temperature sensors, accelerometers, data storage, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G LTE, Bluetooth and most importantly the ability to futureproof the device by allowing any changes or upgrades to be done in-house. We have the ability to update our device firmware over the air. The Gluon V1 device is FCC/CE/E24 approved and our V2 device for consumer and emissions regulations is currently in the FCC certification stage. Quite simply, we go above and beyond the basics.

The vast majority of OBD “connected” car companies use an off the shelf device to connect vehicles and gather basic information like speed, fuel, rpm, etc.

How Competition is Limited

What is the current size of your market and how much of this market share do you aim to harness in the next 3 years?

The automotive industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry. From new/used vehicles sales repairs, diagnostics and tuning it is one of the top industries worldwide.

Being the first automotive company with a live platform to incorporate IoT, AI and blockchain. Gluon’s model is based on generating multiple revenue streams including, but not limited to, hardware sales, software subscriptions, advertising, monitoring services, diagnostic services, data services, e-commerce parts sales, and blockchain transaction processing. Gluon products will enable developers to create ancillary applications that will run on the platform, enhancing its functionality and broadening its appeal. We have a true first mover advantage.

In which countries will your platform be available for use?

We are currently targeting launches in North America, Europe and Asia with offices in the USA, UK, Sweden and India.

Thanks for your time Sameer, we appreciate it.

Thank you too ICOWatchlist.

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