ICO Focus: Interview With Konrad Dabrowski of Lucyd

We were in discussions with Konrad Dabrowski some days ago and he availed us with a lot of insight about the Lucyd project. Konrad is a co-founder and the Finance Lead for Lucyd.

Hello Konrad, kindly tell us briefly what the Lucyd project will be bringing to the market?

Lucyd is designing next-gen augmented reality (AR) smartglasses, and a blockchain-based AR app ecosystem to support them. Lucyd Lens will superimpose computer graphics and text on top of your natural vision, to make just about any task or computing function easy, comfortable and seamlessly integrated with real life. Lucyd technology enables user-friendly AR in a fluid, plug-and-play fashion, making the AR revolution accessible for everyone. Lucyd Lens will have several firsts for AR displays:

  1. First to miniaturize the optics for compact, lightweight projection in see-through head-mounted display for AR applications.
  2. First full integration of eye tracking with micro-illuminators in smart-glasses.
  3. First integration of occlusion support in smart-glasses, which enables cooperative virtual objects that meld smoothly with the real word.
  4. First freeform design methodology for off-axis, non-rotationally symmetric geometries that can enable custom designs including small eyeglass formats and compatibility with corrective lenses.
  5. First integration of high spatial resolution micro-displays with low light loss, incorporating transparent, retro-reflective lenses.
  6. First smart-glasses with adjustable narrow-to-wide (up to 120°) enhanced field of view with variable spatial resolutions. This supports both real-world and in-Lens focal point interfaces, which are needed for max functionality.
  7. First smartglasses that look and feel like normal glasses, with an AR interface that can be instantly engaged and disengaged for comfortable all-day wear.
  8. No buttons, switches or wires for a truly next-gen experience.
  9. Foundational integration of an AR app blockchain to make it easy for anyone to develop, share and experience Lucyd-native content.

What inspired the vision for this project?

The desire to create comfortable, accessible smart-glasses that will enrich the visual experience for a wide scope of applications, and make life easier for everyone. This is our main objective, and it’s possible we acquired the rights to a portfolio of 13 synergistic AR patents from the University of Central Florida, which together enable the technological leap forward required to fabricate the smart-glasses. Our proprietary patent portfolio is listed are:

USPTO Link US Patent Number Title
Patent 1 6,731,434 Compact Lens Assembly for the Teleportal Augmented Reality System
Patent 2 6,804,066 Compact Lens Assembly for the Teleportal Augmented Reality System (CIP)
Patent 3 6,927,694 Algorithm for monitoring head/eye motion for driver alertness with one camera
Patent 4 6,963,454 Head-mounted Display by Integration of Phase-Conjugate Material
Patent 5 6,999,239 Head Mounted Display by Integration of Phase Conjugate Material DIV
Patent 6 7,009,773 Compact Microlenslet Arrays Imager
Patent 7 7,088,457 Iterative Least-Squares Wavefront estimation for general pupil shapes
Patent 8 7,119,965 Head Mounted Projection Display with a Wide Field of View
Patent 9 7,499,217 Imaging System for Eyeglass-Based Display Devices
Patent 10 7,522,344 Projection based Head Mounted Display with Eye-Tracking Capabilities
Patent 11 7,639,208 Compact Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Display with Occlusion Support
Patent 12 7,843,642 Systems and Methods for Providing Compact Illumination in Head Mounted Displays
Patent 13 7,969,657 Imaging Systems for Eyeglass-Based Display Devices

How does the token sale utilize the blockchain?

Lucyd-native content will be housed on the Lucyd Lab blockchain, which makes it easy to develop and distribute new AR apps and media. The Lab is powered by the LCD token, which organically drives content creation for the first AR platform with mass appeal. In short, Lucyd is creating a new AR ecosystem, where anyone can develop, share and experience content on our user-friendly smartglasses. Lucyd Lab drives organic app development and user engagement by rewarding positive contributions to the Lucyd ecosystem (app development, content, user reviews, etc.) with LCD, based on community impact. LCD can then be “cashed out” on token exchanges, used for in-Lens content purchases and instant P2P transactions, or used to buy AR products directly from Lucyd. In a sense, LCD will represent real world value in our AR world, to make the Lens user experience as untethered and smooth as possible.

What is the current market size for the industry?

According to Tech Crunch the market for AR was $1.2 Billion in 2016, driven largely by the success of Pokémon GO.

Zion Research projects the market size for AR devices and software is estimated to reach approximately $133 Billion by 2021. 

Are your services accessible globally or you are restricted to certain geographical jurisdictions?

AR is truly a global market, similar to smart phones. Lucyd Lens can be delivered anywhere, and can have basic offline functionality as long as it is in proximity to your smartphone. For full functionality, a network-enabled smartphone will be required.

Can you briefly tell us about your team?

In addition to having leading-edge patented technology, Lucyd has a capable, multidisciplinary team and they are:

Konrad Dabrowski, CPA, Cofounder, Finance Lead

This is myself, and may I be permitted to speak in third person.

Mr. Dabrowski is a certified public accountant (CPA) and an expert in financial regulation in both the US and internationally. During his tenure with Deloitte, the top public accounting firm in the world, he managed audits of a variety of technology companies. Konrad was also a Global Accounting Manager with RBI (parent company of Burger King Worldwide) overseeing Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has extensive experience in financial reporting in US GAAP, IFRS, as well as internal control environment and SEC reporting standards. Konrad’s previous exposure to zero-based budgeting, forecasting, and budget-to-actual reconciliation underlies his significant project management skills.


Group Financial Controller, Tekcapital, Accounting Manager, Restaurant Brands Intl. (NYSE: QSR), Audit Manager, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.

Education: M.S. in Finance & Accounting, Warsaw School of Economics


Eric Cohen, Cofounder, App Development Lead

The trilingual Mr. Cohen is very experienced in SEO, SEM, OSX & iOS app development. His skills in web architecture and programming are fundamental to the Lucyd Lab AR ecosystem, as well as Lucyd’s user interface. He has developed numerous apps, including the Tekcapital IP search app, PostGame and Myjour, and has extensive experience building attractive and functional web content.


Founder, Emaze Design Agency , Business Intelligence Analyst, Brightstar Corp., BI Specialist, Jewish General Hospital

Programmer & Developer, Mediatec

Education: Certification in Database Applications, Technologia, Certification in Database Fundamentals & Data Warehousing, Technologia, M.S. in Advanced Technician & Information Systems Management, Hadassah University

B.S. in Computer Technology and Management, Academy of Creteil, B.S. in Computer Science, Academy of Bordeaux


Harrison Gross, Cofounder, Media Lead

Harrison is the creative director of Lucyd. He oversees the words and web presence needed for the company to communicate smoothly and precisely with its milieu. He is the lead architect of the Lucyd user experience, making it intuitive and accessible for the widest possible audience. He writes TekBlog about the emerging technology space, and is a seasoned copywriter and editor. He was also lead developer on the Tekcapital IP search app.

Experience: Digital Media Manager, Tekcapital, Freelance Editor, Founder, Sphirah Publishing Co., Account Manager, Verizon Wireless

Education: B.A. in Creative Writing, Columbia University


Michael Kayat, Ph.D., Optics Project Lead

Dr. Kayat is a physicist and business development executive with 20 years of experience in the development and marketing of advanced optics. He has extensive hands-on experience with successfully deploying disruptive optics technologies. At Exta Corporation, a NASDAQ-listed physics simulation company he was VP of Sales and Marketing during the start-up and emerging growth phases. As sales director at SMAL Camera Technologies, Mike achieved long-term supplier contracts. Cypress Semiconductor (NASDAQ: CY) subsequently acquired SMAL. At photonics companies Ocean Optics and B&W TEK, Mike led global teams in deploying innovative optics products.

Experience: VP Sales and Marketing, Tekcapital, VP Sales and Marketing, Exta Corporation, VP Sales and Marketing, Ocean Optics, VP Sales and Marketing, B&W Tek (Photonics)

Education: Ph.D. in Physics, University of Leicester, MBA, Pepperdine University


Clifford M. Gross, Ph.D., Commercialization Lead

Cliff is an executive with leadership experience in academia and commercial enterprises. He is passionate about bringing university intellectual property to the public. He is an author of four books and is a named inventor on 19 issued patents. Cliff has founded three public companies, in which he served as CEO and Chairman. He also served as President and CEO of Innovacorp, a provincial venture capital fund in Nova Scotia. Previously, he was director of the graduate program in biomechanics and ergonomics at New York University, Chairman of the Nelson Rockefeller Department of Biomechanics at the New York Institute of Technology, and research professor at the University of South Florida.

CEO and Founder, Tekcapital, CEO, Innovacorp, CEO and Founder, UTEK, CEO and Founder, Biomechanics Corporation of America

Education: Ph.D. in Biomechanics, New York University, MBA, Oxford University


Jose Enrique Hernandez, Blockchain Lead

Mr. Hernandez has extensive expertise in the cryptocurrency space, including mining servers and blockchain software.  He is also an experienced information security specialist. He oversees the Lucyd Lab blockchain and LCD token.

Experience: SVP Engineering, Zenedge, Security Architect, Splunk, Operation Security Architect, Akamai Inc./Prolexic

Systems Administrator, Belzona

Education: MSIS in Security Information Technology, Nova Southeastern University,  B.A. in Management of Information Systems, Florida International University, B.A. in Information Technology, Florida International University


Professor Janick Rolland, Ph.D., Science Advisor- Optics Expert

Dr. Rolland is one the foremost optics innovators in the world. After a year and half as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Computer Science at the UNC Chapel Hill, focused on learning vision and computer graphics while designing stereoscopic head-mounted displays for medical visualization, Professor Rolland headed the Vision Research Group for Medical Displays (1992-1996). In 1996, she joined the College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida (1996-2008) where she built the Optical Diagnostics and Applications Laboratory (ODALab). In 2009, she joined the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester as professor of optics and biomedical engineering and associate director of the R.E. Hopkins Center for Optical Design and Engineering. Professor Rolland served on the editorial board of the Journal Presence (MIT Press) (1996-2006), and as associate editor of Optical Engineering (1999-2004). She is a fellow of the Optical Society of America and SPIE, a senior member of IEEE, and a member of SID.

Experience: Brian J. Thompson Professor of Optical Engineering, University of Rochester, Professor of Optics, University of Central Florida, Professor in the Center for Visual Science, Director, R.E. Hopkins Center for Optical Design & Engineering, Director, NSF/IUCRC: Center for Freeform Optics

Education: Ph.D. in Optical Science, University of Arizona Tucson, M.S. in Optical Science, University of Arizona Tucson

Diplôme Grandes Ecoles (Optical Engineering), Ecole Supérieure d’Optique


Professor Yiorgos Kostoulas, Ph.D., Science Advisor-Optics Expert

Dr. Kostoulas is an Associate Professor at the Division of General Engineering at Vanderbilt University School of Engineering. His research has been in the area of ultrafast spectroscopy of semiconductors, superconductors and polymers. Recently he did research in the area of Si photonics. He also held senior positions in the semiconductor industry and led product marketing/management efforts in the following companies: ADE Corporation (now part of KLA-Tencor), Accent Optical Technologies (now part of Nanometrix), and Brooks Automation. He has over ten years of experience with product marketing and management on a global scale and with products in all stages of their lifecycle, from inception and realization to end-of-life. In addition, he is an experienced university technology commercialization professional specializing in software, materials and optical early stage technologies.

Yiorgos received his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Rochester and his MBA from Boston College.

Experience: Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University School of Engineering, ADE Corporation, Accent Optical Technologies, Brooks Automation

Education: Ph.D. in Physics, University of Rochester, MBA, Boston College   


Professor Hao Li, Ph.D. , Science Advisor-Computer science & AR Expert

Dr. Li is a recognized AR expert. His current research focuses on data-driven methods for dynamic shape reconstruction, real-time facial and body performance capture, 3D hair acquisition, and garment digitization. He has been named one of the world’s top 35 Innovators Under 35 by MIT Technology Review in 2013 and NextGen10: Innovators under 40 by C-Suite Quarterly in 2014. Dr. Li received the Google Faculty Research Award, the Okawa Foundation Research Grant, and the Andrew and Erna Viterbi Early Career Chair in 2015, the Swiss National Science Foundation fellowship for prospective researchers in 2011, and the best paper award at SCA 2009. Dr. Li is ranked #1 on Microsoft Academic in 2016, and is on the top 10 leaderboard in Computer Graphics for the past five years.

Experience: CEO & Cofounder, Pinscreen Inc., Director, Vision and Graphics Lab, USC Institute for Creative Technologies, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Andrew & Erna Viterbi Early Career Chair, USC

Co-curator of AR & VR, World Economic Forum, CEO & Cofounder, Ambidio Inc., Research Lead, R&D Group, Industrial Light & Magic/Lucasfilm Ltd.

Education: Ph.D. in Computer Science, ETH Zurich, M.Sc. in Computer Science, Universität Karlsruhe


Pedro Lopes, Science Advisor-Human Computer Interaction Expert

Pedro Lopes, is a Human Computer Interaction Researcher at the Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany where he is completing his Ph.D. and serves as science advisor to Lucyd pte ltd. His research is focused on Human-Computer Integration. Pedro believes his role in Human Computer Interaction is to create a future in which our cognition is augmented through a seamless fusion with our environment. He received the Best paper award along with co-authors Jonell and Baudisch for “Affordance++: allowing objects to communicate dynamic use,” from the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Experience: Human Computer Interaction Researcher, Hasso Plattner Institute

Education: completing Ph.D, Hasso Plattner Institute


Which exchanges will be trading LCD tokens?

We are planning to list LCD on all major exchanges; things are in the works and we will make the news available as soon as we are done sealing those deals.

Briefly run us through how the process of LCD token crowdsale will be executed?

The lucyd.co/getLCD page acts as the main hub for the LCD crowdfund. All contributions and requests should be directed to this page, and you can find critical info about the LCD token and Lucyd there. It also directs you to the most useful Lucyd resources, including our blog, remaining Beta Lens pairs available for preorder, and more.

Thank you Konrad, this was quite a comprehensive session.

Thank you too, you have been awesome.

For more details, follow the Lucyd ICO here.


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