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How To Use Our Platform

ICO Watchlist is an ICO listing platform that helps an increasing number of entrepreneurs showcase, announce and give information about their project’s crowd funding events and also gives crypto investors a platform to find interesting new opportunities in the cryptocurrency economy.

To make it easier for you to use our platform, we have created the following explanations about different elements on our interface:

Count Down Timers

ICO countdown example

The countdown timers are shown on the live, upcoming and individual ICO pages.

You can simply get an indication of the start and end dates/times of each ICO project.


ICO progress bar example

The progress bar simply a representation of time period elapsed for Live ICO projects.

The percentage indicated shows the percentage of token sale time expended as against the total days allocated for the token sale. This is based on the dates provided by the project founders.

Gold & Silver Listings

Gold listing example Silver listing example

The ICO Watchlist Platform charges a fee for projects to get listed on the platform.

We offer several listing packages which determine how much exposure the project gets on the platform.

Gold & Silver packages are the most premium placements and ICO projects with larger marketing budget often opt for those positions. This is not an indicator of quality but it determines the resources the team has and it usually is a sign of project strength (this is quite speculative but it is a factor one could consider).


ICO presale example

The orange presale sign indicates that the ICO is currently in Presale mode or is starting this phase soon.

Read more about what is Presale.


Under the logo of each project – you will see the main category of that project. These are selected by our editors (sometimes with verification from the ICO founders).

To see more information about categories, check out our ICO Category Analysis.

* Kindly note that by making use of the ICOWatchlist platform, you agree to our Disclaimer & TOU and are aware of the fact that the platform does NOT give investment advice. It is prudent to do your own research.

** Gold & Silver are sponsored positions.