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It’s no secret that cryptocurrency has had its lovers and haters over the years and while making a profit can be possible depending on market moves due to its volatility, more and more individuals are looking for alternatives to trading that will take less time and dedication without losing out on potential.

One of the growing trends emerging in the niche is gambling – and if you are looking for a new and exciting way to spend some of your Ethereum, a crypto casino could be the place to do just that. There are some pitfalls to be aware of when using your funds online, namely scam platforms, so it can be worthwhile to learn the best Ethereum casinos out there.  

Top Ethereum (ETH) casinos

Lucky Block

lucky block casino games

When it comes to selecting the top Ethereum casino sites, it can feel like an educated decision to opt for platforms that have been around for quite some time (especially considering the number of scam sites out there), but the reality is that reputability doesn’t have to be synonymous with age. One of the biggest examples of this is Lucky Block, which quickly became a popular name in the industry with a blockchain-based lottery, before evolving into a well-appointed crypto casino and sports book that supports 10 of the major tokens and brings a host of gambling opportunities to the wider niche. Players can still participate in the lottery, as well as enjoy 4,800+ slot and table games, 40+ live casinos, and sports betting including racebooks, eSports and more – and the good news is that this all comes under one cashier.


  • Account creation is free and there is currently a 200% welcome bonus in place, among other great promos
  • No KYC verification means that deposits and withdrawals are instant and users can play anonymously with reduced financial risk 
  • Buying Bitcoin and depositing on Lucky Block is both fast and simple and you can even use eWallets like Binance and Trust Wallet to do so
  • If you scroll down the homepage, you’ll find the option to switch to your native language (there are 22 supported languages so far)


BC Game

bc.games hot games

If you are a crypto trader and have been considering the potential of using your Ethereum coins in other ways, you may be holding back because having multiple accounts all across the web can be difficult to manage. This is where BC Game steps into the fray for many new ETH gambling enthusiasts, as it aims to combine a crypto vault, trading functions, and casino games in one easy-to-navigate crypto exchange. Established in 2017 and facilitating digital currency options for users worldwide (including being one of the only providers operating in the US), you will be able to store and transact with your ETH coins, while playing on any number of the 6000 slots available and much more.


  • BC Game has titles from industry names like Pragmatic Play, Evoplay, Quickspin, and Endorphina to name but a few, but also has a host of original titles for you to play across the game genres, too
  • One of the top UIs in the niche with stunning graphics, quick links, a great layout, and more; you’ll love the usability of this platform
  • A host of promotions to get involved with 




The first two selections on this list have their own unique selling points, but if you’re hoping to use your Ethereum tokens on a gambling site with unrivaled reputability, Cloudbet is the longest-standing crypto casino on the market. Established a whopping 10 years ago as crypto was in its early stages, this website has grown into one of the top places to go for a secure digital gambling experience. As the developers have put in the hard work and helped to broaden the industry, you’ve probably played some of their very own slot and casino game titles elsewhere around the web and it has its own propriety mobile app for gaming on the go.


  • Cloudbet not only understands the importance of leading the niche but also the needs of players everywhere, so you can expect a fantastic blend of platform usability, great graphics, and well-appointed features
  • A reliable fully-licensed platform with security protocols, high-end encryption, and even provably fair games for player peace of mind across the board
  • Access to a host of casino games from trusted industry names alongside proprietary titles, not to mention some of the most diverse sports betting selections in the niche 




Another new Ethereum casino to the industry is Metaspins (established in 2022) and this is yet another provider that is likely to appeal to those looking for secure gambling. There is one major difference in security when compared to other sites, however, and this is regulation. Metaspins is unique in the fact that it prioritizes regulation protocols to ensure player safety right from account setup, so every player is verified before accessing the site. Games, transactions, and even promotions are subject to strict rules also, so players may find their experience requires some research and clicking through terms and conditions to ensure they get the most from their endeavors and ensure continued playability (accounts will get shut down if Metaspins feels there are shady dealings going on, which can happen to everyday players who aren’t on top of things). 


  • A fantastic customer service team that is accessible 24/7 via multiple portals, including email, live chat, and even a group chat feature
  • One of the most diverse title selections in the niche with over 2500 casino and table games from over 47 top industry names
  • Provably fair games that are supported by regulations, so players know that their chances of winning are both fair and secure



wild.io all games

Following on from Metaspins, Ethereum gambling isn’t always about extensive security features; in fact, playability can be more of a priority for some (as long as the site is not a scam, of course). Wild.io is one of the most user-friendly platforms out there, offering not only the titles and types of games you know and love, but also additional ways to maximize your ETH’s potential with slot tournaments, bonus buy-in games, and even rewards for performing tasks.


  • You won’t miss out on regulation, but you will enjoy a no maximum deposit limit (this can often be an indicator of a scam website, but Wild.io is fully licensed)
  • Fast transactions with low deposit and withdrawal fees
  • Great promos and bonuses, including a welcome package that covers your first 4 deposits, daily cashback and bonuses, mystery boxes, free spins and referral bonuses


Thunderpick crypto casino games

If you’d prefer to focus on sports betting over casino games, Thunderpick could be a more fitting platform selection for your needs. You can expect to find betting options on all of the major sports, as well as capabilities on ones you wouldn’t normally have access to, such as darts. There are eSports games and betting incentives across the site (although some may find the bonuses are more diverse elsewhere), as well as no winning or betting limits. The great news is that slots and table games are still available, and these are protected by RTP protocols.


  • One of the biggest advantages of Thunderpick is that it has an active online betting community, so you can get involved with other players, easily read reviews and feel like part of a wider audience
  • Thunderpick is unique in the fact that users can sign up with little personal information and can even use their Twitch and Steam accounts if they don’t want to use more traditional methods like Google
  • Simple, straightforward UI with easy navigation and clear sections and subcategories, so you won’t struggle to find exactly what you’re looking for

Important considerations when using an Ethereum casino

ethereum casino

When looking for the right ETH casino, it can be a worthwhile idea to first define the features that will enhance your gambling experience. There are simply so many providers in the niche (both reputable and scam ones), so research will always be key to protecting your funds.

  • Bonuses

While bonuses won’t necessarily make or break your overall gambling experience, it’s no secret that many individuals prioritize these when making an overall decision between different sites. After all, if you have the potential to increase your chances of winning (or your actual winnings) with features like free spins, daily rewards, sign-up bonuses, loyalty programs, and more, why not take advantage?


  • Game diversity

This is another factor that isn’t necessarily a top consideration, but if you prefer to partake in sports betting, it simply won’t make sense to choose an ETH casino that has thousands of slot titles and a small sportsbook. The same can be said if you’d like to play progressive or jackpot slots and select a site that focuses more on more traditional slots. Also keep in mind that you may want to diversify your experience the more you play, so a crypto casino with a blend of betting opportunities could be a worthwhile idea.

  • UI and design

This is one of the aspects of an Ethereum casino that could have a considerable impact on your selection, as the way a website is designed can turn users on or off of the overall provider. If the graphics are lacking, you find it hard to navigate, or you experience difficulties with pages loading or getting kicked back to main pages when games boot, you’re likely to get frustrated and soon go elsewhere no matter how reliable, secure, or well-appointed bonuses are.

  • Licensing

There is a lot to be said for a fully licensed website – and not only because scam providers are rife in this widely unregulated niche. Sites that have accreditation are more likely to provide provably fair games and have better RTP ratios, as well as better customer service teams and contact avenues.

  • Payment options and currency support

While you may want to use your ETH tokens as your main currency, it can still be worthwhile to select a website that supports at least the major options, as this can be a sign of reputability (and you’ll be able to branch out if you wish in the future). The same can be said for payment options and as some individuals prefer to gamble anonymously, having plenty of methods outside of credit/debit cards and bank transfers can be important.

Should you make the switch to an Ethereum casino over traditional gambling sites? 

While traditional online gambling and crypto casinos will have their similarities, there are some significant differences between the two – and this will be apparent when it comes to the winning potential on offer. With a casino that uses fiat currencies, prizes are typically limited to cash prizes, whereas crypto-based ones often offer noncash prizes too. Winnings can also be higher if ETH values rise – and you hold your winnings until the right time (but this does work in the opposite vein and you could end up transferring at a loss).

Then there’s the consideration that while the niche is less regulated than traditional gambling, it is far more secure to transact with digital currency if you pick the right provider. This is because of the way crypto is mined and stored on the blockchain, with a far more complicated composition that is less traceable than fiat transactions.

How to gamble using Ethereum casino sites

  • Open a crypto wallet

You won’t be able to make deposits and withdrawals without a crypto wallet to store your ETH tokens, so be sure to open one and transfer your funds before opening an account with an Ethereum gambling site.

  • Deposit and play

There will likely be a minimum deposit amount required (those that don’t ask for this could be shady), but don’t be put off by this feature as your funds are yours to play with.

What is Ether?

Bitcoin has long been the most prominent, but other digital coins have emerged in the market and have gained significant interest. Ethereum was created in 2015 by a Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin. Thanks to its excellent security features, Ethereum has fast become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the gambling industry. The coins themselves are known as Ether; most people only know them as Ethereum because of the system that provides them.

There are certainly a few reasons why you might want to get a few Ethers for yourself – and if you think you’ve got what it takes to win, you might want to check out Ethereum casinos.

What Are the Benefits of Ethereum Casinos?

eth casino

Not sure why gambling at an online Ethereum casino could be a good idea? If so, it might be worth taking a look at some of the key advantages listed below.

  • Ethereum casinos offer a higher level of security

For many people, the privacy that most cryptocurrencies have to offer is an incredibly appealing aspect, especially when it comes to casinos. After all, it can be a bonus to know that the details of your online gambling habits will be kept private. Better yet for those at an Ethereum casino, these particular sites tend to offer an even higher level of security to their customers.

With most of the Ethereum casinos you see, you’ll find that you won’t be required to give any personal details to sign up – you might not even have to enter a username or register to play. So, how do you get your winnings? All you’ll have to do is link your crypto wallet to the site, and the Ether you win will be transferred over to you. 

It’s common to provide personal details when it comes to other digital currencies. While this may not be much of a hassle for some people, it’s worth considering the extra level of privacy that you can get from using this currency instead.

  • Ether is faster than Bitcoin

Another reason why a lot of people may want to choose Ethereum casinos is the simple fact that Ether is far from a slow cryptocurrency. There’s no doubt that you’ll get to enjoy a fast transaction with most, but there aren’t many that can match the almost instantaneous speed of Ether.

It’s even quicker than Bitcoin – a currency that’s known to have transactions faster than centralized currencies. Sure, a Bitcoin transaction can be completed in a couple of minutes, but Ethereum could be as fast as a few seconds. Which would you prefer?

Of course, there may still be a waiting time due to the processing period, where the casino’s staff members will have to approve your withdrawal application. However, as soon as they do, you’ll be able to enjoy a swift transaction.

  • There aren’t any fees involved

Aside from paying a small cost for the maintenance of the blockchain, you won’t need to worry about being charged for your transactions. While fees may be common with centralized currencies Ethereum is run on an automated system, meaning that there’s no bank involved to authorize the transaction and no additional fee to pay the authority.

While this is something that can be attractive about any decentralized currency, it’s certainly a benefit that you should keep in mind when gambling.


What Are the Downsides of Ethereum Casinos?

Unfortunately, you may also find that there are a few disadvantages that can come with these types of casinos. If you want to make the right choice, it can be wise to be aware of the potential pitfalls, too.

  • There is a risk of theft

While there’s a lot that differs between standard and cryptocurrencies, they both have one thing in common – they’re both a type of currency that holds a value. This can make them quite appealing to thieves and if they have the skills, they could potentially hack a crypto exchange and take your money.

While theft is a risk with both digital coins and centralized assets, there are things that you can do to ensure the safety of your investment. For example, in order to keep your Ether safe, it can be worth investing in a secure, reputable crypto wallet. There are a variety of options to choose from, so make sure you do so wisely and find one that will be able to protect your money.

  • Ethereum casinos aren’t always as easy to find

While Ethereum is certainly popular, it’s not quite as well known as Bitcoin. Because of this, there are many more gambling sites that use Bitcoin instead. The good news is that, since Ether is still one of the most recognized digital coins, it’s starting to become more common to see it. Although if you want the best experience, it might be best to try and scour the web for a legitimate Ethereum casino instead.

Is It Worth It?


Gambling is as popular an activity today as it has ever been, if not more so in fact. With all of the changes and advancements that the industry has seen, it’s no surprise that it continues to grow. Looking at the pros and cons, you might be weighing up the facts to decide whether or not it’s worth your time and money. All in all, Ethereum is an excellent choice due to everything that it has to offer; from its additional security to excellent speed.

Just like with any form of gambling or investment, there’s a chance to make a great profit as well as the risk of losing out on cash. The important thing is to be wise about your decisions, especially when it comes to Ethereum casinos.


Ethereum casinos are a great way to enjoy safe betting when you want to maximize the potential of your investments. Of course, you won’t win on every game you play and there are the typical risks associated with traditional gambling, but you will also have to consider that there are additional risk considerations as you are using cryptocurrency. For example, the niche is extremely volatile, so you could be cashing out your winnings at a loss to your initial outlay. While you could hold your coins until they go up in value, there could be transaction fees that will take away a chunk of your withdrawals.

Even with these considerations, as long as you practice some risk management and never gamble more than you can afford, you are likely to enjoy your overall experience. Remember that Ethereum gambling is still largely in its infancy, so there is some fantastic future potential as the niche continues to evolve and grow.



Is crypto gambling secure?

As lightly touched upon throughout this article, there are a host of scam sites in the niche, and regulation leaves a lot to be desired in a lot of areas, but the good news is that a fully licensed and regulated site will be secure and worth using if you want to make the most of your crypto investments and have a little fun.

Is crypto gambling anonymous?

Many Ethereum casino sites facilitate anonymous gambling to support the needs of a diverse range of players. This means that you will often have the choice to sign up with or without personal information.

Will all online gambling sites accept cryptocurrencies in the future?

There are plenty of traditional sites that are at least considering branching out into crypto, and with its popularity and proven staying power, it’s likely that more and more will in the future. Dedicated crypto sites may still be the better selection, however, as they may better understand and facilitate these types of transactions.