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As one of the more popular altcoins out there, it’s no secret that DOGE, better known as Dogecoin, is gaining some serious traction – and many investors are predicting that it will become even more of a success in the coming years. The P2P crypto has gained considerable attention for a variety of reasons; from its low value, to its simple functionality. There’s no doubt that this major player means business, especially as it was born from a meme and created as a joke 9 years ago. 

If you’re interested in purchasing some of these digital coins and want to potentially earn a profit from your investments, there’s a lot to consider – but before all that, you’re going to need to find a dogecoin wallet that can store them securely. Luckily for you, we’ve got a list of some of the best ones around. 

Best Dogecoin Wallets

  1. eToro
  2. Exodus
  3. Binance
  4. Coinbase
  5. Ledger
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With more than 20 million users, it’s no surprise that eToro l is one of the best web wallets that offers a perfect balance of convenience and security to trade in cryptos. Being an exchange wallet, this regulated platform offers various financial instruments such as indices, commodities, ETFs, and cryptos. 

Dogecoin on eToro

There are many reasons why you can rely on eToro. For example, it’s one of the largest crypto trading platforms on the market, it’s regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and has some of the strongest encryption around.

For beginners, the fact that the UI is designed to be incredibly simple only helps to make the exchange and wallet some of the best tools around, so be sure to take a look into everything that eToro has to offer.

This wallet offers incredible security features such as multi-signature facilities, DDoS protection, and standardization protocols. To top it off, each account holder is provided with an unlosable private key which keeps you from getting locked out from your eToro wallet. EToro is one of the most popular crypto wallets among beginner traders as it provides an easy-to-use interface and lots of educational resources. 


  • Offers more than 500 crypto pairs. 
  • Very low initial minimum investment. 
  • Trading in cryptos with zero fees. 
  • Holds a good reputation in the crypto industry. 


  • Not available in some locations. 


Crypto assets are unregulated investment products. Your capital may be at risk


Despite being a good choice for anyone starting out, there’s also a lot that makes Exodus an excellent tool for more experienced traders. For example, there’s the fact that it can be synced to Trezor portfolios. This means that you can switch between your hardware and software wallets with ease, which certainly comes with advantages.

You can also trade Dogecoin with Exodus, too. While this wallet isn’t connected to an exchange like eToro, the developers have partnered up with the ShapeShift exchange to offer the best of both services – a secure wallet and an efficient place to trade. 

Even on its own, Exodus has a lot going for it (from its high-end encryption to the straightforward interface), but all the additional features are what really make this particular wallet stand out. 


  • Offers good customer support. 
  • Supports more than 150 crypto assets. 
  • Provides unlimited maximum trading
  • Best suited for novice traders.


  • Charges high network fees. 
  • Users are responsible for their own safety.

In addition to Dogecoins, users get to trade with some of the established altcoins such as Litecoin, Etheruem, Dash, Tether, and Shiba Inu using this wallet. As the wallet is integrated with the exodus exchange, it is easier to execute transactions faster.


There are several reasons why many people consider Binance to be one of the best crypto platforms out there for those looking to buy, sell and store their DOGE tokens. For one, the linked wallet for the Binance exchange is incredibly secure and fairly easy to use. On the other hand, the developers facilitate the trades of more than 150 different cryptocurrencies, a range of advanced features and much more.

While generally not considered to be the best choice for beginners, because it’s a little more complex and advanced than some of the other options on this list, it’s well worth looking into for everything that it offers.  


  • Secure platform. 
  • Can trade in more than 100 Cryptos. 
  • Offers a wide range of tools for online trading. 
  • Has two-factor authentication. 


  • Quite difficult for beginner traders. 
  • Users claim issues with contacting customer support. 
  • Not available in most locations.

Users can purchase Dogecoins using their credit cards or debit cards as Binance wallets offer fiat currency facilities. It also comes with applications that support desktop, iOS, and Android devices. 


Those new to the world of cryptocurrency may also want to consider checking out a platform like Coinbase. This exchange has been seeing some significant success over its many years of operation, mainly for its simplicity, security and great features. Of course, we wouldn’t be mentioning it here if it didn’t have a wallet too, which only helps to make it a great choice for beginners. 

You could upgrade to Coinbase Pro for a better trading experience, such as lower fees – although this isn’t a necessity if you would rather stick with the basic version. You’ll find that the Coinbase web wallets are still great even without the Pro version. 


  • Easy to navigate. 
  • Supports multiple fiat currencies. 
  • Free to register and start trading. 
  • Provides added security with two-factor authentication. 


  • Lengthy verification process. 
  • Charges high fees for crypto transactions.

A reputable exchange backs Coinbase wallet, so you need not worry about losing your crypto assets. Also, the easy-to-navigate interface consists of a clear layout with identifiable functions.


DOGE Dogecoin

Ledger is one of the initial hardware wallets that dominated the cold wallet crypto market for years. Since offline storage is one of the safest methods to store cryptos, Ledger came up with the Ledger Nano S – an excellent hardware wallet that enables users with limited budgets to store their Dogecoins. 

To store and access your digital assets, you need to connect the hardware wallet to your desktop computer or smartphone. It looks similar to a USB device and must be secured with a PIN as your private key. With a wide range of security features, your crypto assets remain safe and secure on this platform. 


  • Provide secure storage for an affordable rate.
  • Offers access to Ledger Live. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Incredible cold wallet device.


  • Has limited storage. 
  • No touchscreen.
  • Complex setup process. 

This reliable hardware wallet is light in weight and has an intuitive design for protecting your cryptos. It supports more than 1000 coins, and tokens and transactions can be executed from your wallet using the software. 


Like Ledger, Trezor is a cold wallet that allows you to store your cryptos safely. Among the hardware wallets provided by this company, Trezor Model T enables investors to trade with more than 1800 crypto assets. It also allows you to store your Dogecoins securely by generating a pin code that keeps your device locked.

Known for providing top-notch cold security, Trezor Model T has robust security features, a good reputation, and touchscreen options. Users can directly execute transactions from the software using Trezor’s integrated exchange through this wallet.


  • High-security features. 
  • Supports more than 1000 digital assets. 
  • Offers expandable storage. 
  • Has a touchscreen user interface.   


  • Not compatible with iOS devices. 
  • Lacks convenience. 
  • Quite costly than other hardware wallets.

Most investors prefer to use this hardware wallet, as you can store your digital assets offline. It is considered one of the safest ways to keep your cryptos away from hackers. 


Launched in 2014, Jaxx wallet has a huge following as it supports a wide range of crypto assets. It is a multi-coin wallet that allows you to store your Dogecoins without any worries. Investors planning to diversify their portfolios using different cryptos can opt for this wallet. 

This desktop and mobile-friendly wallet supports various digital assets, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Zcash, and even tokens.


  • Supports multiple currency assets. 
  • Easy to start an account. 
  • Provides a seamless and easy-to-navigate interface. 
  • Has an incredible built-in customer support team. 


  • Requires regular updates. 
  • Not a fully open source.
  • Does not have any two-factor authentication. 

Being one of the most secure wallets, users can secure their accounts with a secret key and backup password. However, investors must remember the password and key to avoid getting locked out of their trading accounts forever. 

Which one of these DOGE wallets is best?

2 Dogecoins

With so many trusted names and great features, you may be wondering which one will be the best choice for DOGE storage. Each of the ones mentioned above has its pros and cons – and many of them even share similar attributes, so how do you pick the right one? 

In most cases, the choice will come down to personal preference. Perhaps you’d prefer the simplicity and convenience of eToro, or maybe you’ll find the security of a wallet like Trezor more appealing. Binance offers a variety of advanced features, and these could be of more interest to you. 

You’ll often find that a little background check could give you a much better idea of which wallet to choose, so it’s often worthwhile for any platforms you’re interested in. The best thing you can do when trying to find the ideal wallet is to consider what they have to offer and how that aligns with your aims for your trading endeavours.

The great news is that any of the platforms mentioned above could be a worthwhile choice for storing Dogecoin, and from Binance to Exodus, there are simply so many good wallets out there. If you’re still unsure even after looking into your options, consider factors like:

  • The fees/costs that come with wallets
  • The level of security on offer
  • The popularity/reputability of the wallet


Crypto assets are unregulated investment products. Your capital may be at risk

What type of wallet should I choose?

DOGE trading

Another important consideration is the type of crypto wallet you choose since this can play a crucial role in how you store your Dogecoins. Here’s a quick look into the three main categories of wallet:

Hardware wallets

Hardware wallets, or cold wallets, are generally known for being one of the most secure ways to store cryptocurrency. These devices come in the form of an external drive and need to be plugged into your computer to access. Since they’re not always connected to the internet, there’s far less risk of your digital coins or personal information being stolen by a hacker during a data breach.

While not the most convenient method of storage, since they need to be connected to a computer to use, these kinds of wallets are usually the ideal choice for those who prioritise security over anything else.  

Typically speaking, a good hardware wallet will be the best choice if you’re planning to invest in more valuable cryptocurrencies, purchasing larger quantities of coins, or storing your crypto for a longer period of time. With the low value of Dogecoin, many people may be inclined to purchase a greater number of these assets to hold, so hardware wallets are often a good choice.  

Software wallets

Also known as hot wallets, these are usually available on browsers or as mobile apps. Usually, these are the most convenient options for Dogecoin storage. Since the currency is fairly inexpensive right now, any investors who want to make a small investment and test the waters will find that a hot wallet will do just fine. These do have a higher risk of being hacked or lost to malware and viruses, but for short-term investment needs, they’re generally a good choice. 

It’s worth noting that hot wallets include all kinds of software-based platforms. You’ll find that most desktop wallets, web wallets and mobile wallets (Android or iOS) are all a part of this category.

Paper wallets

Last but not least are paper wallets. While these aren’t as common anymore, there are still a few advantages that come with using them. For example, they’re incredibly inexpensive and easy to create, as well as being just as secure as cold storage. On the other hand, it’s much easier to make a mistake and they simply aren’t worthwhile for larger quantities of crypto. If someone else gets hold of your private keys, it’ll be easy for them to steal your digital coins – and this is just another risk you should keep in mind.

Is Dogecoin a good investment?

There are quite a few reasons why it might be worth counting Dogecoin as a serious investment, even if it was initially created as a joke. One of several meme coins (as they’re often called), DOGE is typically considered to be more of a speculative bet, as opposed to the kind of investment you would be making with a more stable currency like Bitcoin.

Even so, the popularity of Dogecoin, and its slowly rising value, is certainly appealing to many of those who are looking for a way to invest a little now for a bigger payoff in the future. There’s no guarantee that it will be worthwhile, but for any crypto enthusiast out there, it may be worth a second thought.

There are other positive aspects of Dogecoin, like its low transaction fees for example, but things like an unlimited supply won’t help in making this cryptocurrency any more successful. Due to its popularity, Dogecoin is certainly one of the best meme coins out there, so if you’re looking for this kind of investment, DOGE could be your best bet.

Is It Possible To Store Dogecoin In More Than One Wallet At A Time?

Yes. It is advisable to store your digital coins in more than one wallet, and it is considered one of the best security practices. Most experienced crypto traders opt for hardware wallets to store their digital coins securely and use the software wallet to trade easily in the crypto market. Using multiple wallets to store Dogecoins is a safe option. If one wallet gets compromised, you won’t lose all your digital assets. 

Final thoughts

Now that you have a better idea of what makes a good crypto wallet, we’re confident that you’ll have an easier time finding the perfect one for your needs. 

While many people prefer to buy larger amounts of DOGE and store them in hardware wallets, not all investors are the same. You may find that a different type of wallet will be more suitable for your trading strategies, so be sure to take the time to carefully consider your options before signing up for one that may not suit your individual needs.


Crypto assets are unregulated investment products. Your capital may be at risk


Do I need a wallet to store Dogecoin?

While having a wallet isn’t always a necessity, it can be beneficial in a whole host of ways. Many investors find them essential to their overall trading experience.

How do I withdraw money from a Dogecoin wallet?

While this can often vary from one wallet to another, the process will usually be similar across the board. Just find the button to withdraw your coins, select your withdrawal address, enter the amount of DOGE tokens you want to take out, and click withdraw. If it isn’t this easy to do, you may want to consider using another wallet.

What do best DOGE wallets have in common?

Be it online wallets, hardware wallets, or paper wallets, top dogecoin wallets should allow secure storing of the cryptocurrency and a simple user interface.