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The crypto environment has changed so much in the last few years that in 2023, there are multiple ways to get involved. If trading and investing aren’t your thing, one of the more popular ways to use your coins is to gamble them. The great news is that there are many online casinos that support crypto betting right now. However,  it can be a worthwhile idea to do some research and find the right one for your needs. That’s where we step in, with a review of the best crypto and Bitcoin betting sites to use this year (and onwards), so let’s take a look at them now.

Top Bitcoin Betting Sites

Lucky Block

Lucky Block

If you have taken even a cursory look at online crypto betting platforms, you’re likely to have come across one of the most prolific names in the industry – Lucky Block. There’s good reason for this, as it is one of the most well-appointed BTC betting hotspots while being a market innovator with a strong community behind it. 

While it stormed onto the market just last year with the brand-new concept of a blockchain-driven lottery, it has quickly grown to meet industry demand. Lucky Block now offers sports betting, casino games and more – all on one easy-to-use platform with great graphics and fantastic features.


  • The website is easy to navigate, has clear functions and prompts for gaming, deposits and withdrawals, as well as support for multiple languages that can be changed at the bottom of the home page
  • Users will enjoy instant deposits and withdrawals via credit or debit cards, alongside Binance and Trust Wallet capabilities. There’s no Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol in place, allowing super fast transactions every time
  • Lucky Block has some very attractive bonuses in place, with new players claiming 15% cashback. Players will be awarded entries into cash giveaways, free spins, sports betting promotions and more, with a wide variety of additional prizes including luxury cars, houses and holidays




While Lucky Block may have taken the spotlight in 2022, there was another crypto-betting site hot on its heels – Metaspins. This platform offers fantastic entry into the crypto gambling, niche while providing something that even many traditional gambling sites don’t – mobile functionality. Users will find Metaspins games around the web as it features on other platforms and apps, with over 2500 slots, table games and much more. 

Sadly, this website isn’t currently supported in as many countries as its competitors, but the team behind it are working to meet guidelines and increase accessibility for users around the world. Luckily, for those who aren’t restricted in playing, there are so many great perks to enjoy.


  • Metaspins supports all of the major cryptocurrencies, so it will be easy for many players to get involved
  • While the website may not function in all locations due to restrictions, it is heavily regulated with fair play protocols including RNG (random number generation) and full site security with SSL certification for the players’ peace of mind
  • Bonuses and promotions on offer including live casino drops and wins, slot tournaments and one of the most extensive yet attractive rewards programs out there with 6 tiers of rakeback




When crypto gambling is something that you’d like to dabble in alongside your usual endeavours, BC.Game could be the right selection. This platform is unique in the fact that it is a crypto exchange with its own vault and currency, BCD while providing crypto gambling capabilities that rival even the most well-established proprietary Bitcoin betting sites. You’ll find exclusive casino games (including live games), sports betting and even a lottery – and you’ll gain interest on your stored tokens should you use the exchange as you gamble.


  • As it doubles as an exchange, this platform has one of the largest crypto itineraries, supporting payments using over 150 digital currencies. It is also available in 41 countries (including the US) and has a 14-language selection menu, so users won’t struggle to use the site
  • BC.Game has one of the leading customer support protocols in the niche. They not only provide 24/7 customer support via live chat that also covers technical difficulties, but they also have a host of forums where users can connect and help each other out. There is further connectivity via Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Bitcointalk and Github
  • Account setup doesn’t require personal information, so users can gamble anonymously




If you are hoping to find a more established crypto-betting site, none have been around longer than Cloudbet. This platform was created back in 2013, paving the way for the environment to come and continues to provide a fantastic place for gamblers to put their digital coins up for fun and potential gains. No other site could hope to match Cloudbet’s reputability and it has some of the top security protocols in the niche today. Users can enjoy both sports betting and many casino games – some of which were created by Cloudbet themselves and have been shared across the web.


  • Safe gambling with RNG on all casino games, two-factor authentication when logging in, SSL certificates and anonymous gambling options, plus the peace of mind that comes with a well-established provider with a strong community
  • No withdrawal limits for customers (unlike many of the newer sites in the niche)
  • A propitiatory mobile app and desktop capabilities




If you are looking for a wide variety of games and some of the top bonuses from the crypto betting platforms you use, take a closer look at Wild.io. There’s a unique 10 BTC welcome package that covers the first 4 deposits, daily cashback prizes and bonuses, maximum and minimum deposit bonuses, mystery boxes, Wild Monday free spins, Funky Friday Reloads, tournaments, a loyalty program and even a refer a friend bonus. With over 3000 slots, roulette games, blackjack tables, video poker and anything else you could want, you’ll even enjoy free deposits and withdrawals to maximise your wins.


  • Responsible gaming protocols are combined with a great customer service department that operates 24/7
  • Wild.io has an easy-to-use site that has great graphics and minimal page-load times so you can grab your bonuses or deposit and play with little fuss or stress
  • Support for the biggest coins on the market, zero transaction fees and full licensing via industry giant Curacao eGaming


Thunderpick casino 2023

When thinking of online gambling, casinos often come to mind, but there is a whole demographic that prefers sports betting over playing slots. This is where Thunderpick has entered the niche with a dedicated platform that prioritises placing bets over instant gaming. With wagering options for football, American football, tennis, baseball, handball and even darts (among others) users will be spoilt for choice – and there’s even an entire section for eSports betting too. Players will have access to live bets, spread betting, score and totals bets with some attractive incentives.


  • Diverse casino games on offer including slots, blackjack and poker, video poker and live casino games and a spin game where players can predict and bet on the potential outcome of where the wheel will land
  • Thunderpick has one of the highest RTP ratios across casino games and some of the best sports betting bonuses due to its dedicated format – and players can participate in an affiliate programs and join the VIP club
  • Players can expect fixed odds and competitive bets, alongside no winning or wagering limits for the ultimate sports betting experience



One of the top names in crypto gambling is BetOnline – and for good reason. Not only is it one of the only betting sites to support gambling in the US, but it brings a well-rounded blend of casino games, poker tournaments, sports betting and more – all with unique bonuses and promotions. One of the biggest features that keep players coming back is the no-frills platform that is simple to navigate while incorporating great graphics, so users new and old are catered to equally.


  • Users can take part in daily, weekly and monthly poker tournaments
  • BetOnline started life as a traditional gambling portal but has expanded into crypto, so there is the option to use both digital and fiat currency
  • There are some decent incentives on offer for all games and bets placed, with startup bonuses, ongoing casino promotions, matched deposit bonuses and exclusive prizes

How to choose a reliable Cardano Casino

Each of the above BTC betting platforms will be a worthwhile choice in its own right. Having said this, the fact that they each have a host of worthwhile features and functions that make them stand out from each other makes the selection process infinitely harder. When Bitcoin betting (or any other crypto betting for that matter), there is often a lot to consider before choosing just one.

We’re going to cover the top aspects that you may want to think about before deciding; remember that the right site for you will likely differ from the best site for someone else, so keep your gambling goals, preferences, needs and budget in mind.


One of the first things to check is that the site you have in mind is supported in your home country. As there are a lot of varying gambling restrictions in different countries (and even between states, districts and counties), it can be difficult to know when you are playing legally. There are ways to get around location restrictions, but these are not always advisable when putting your cash on the line.


While there may be strict gambling regulations in place, the crypto gambling niche is widely unregulated, so licensing can be a worthwhile feature to consider. If crypto betting sites don’t have support from the proper gambling authorities and all of the necessary certificates, it may be a better idea to put your money in ones that do, if only for peace of mind. Look out for license or registration numbers and cross-reference this if you’re unsure.

Software, game graphics and UI

Playability will be a deal breaker for almost all gamblers, as nobody likes to wait around for games to load, deal with consistent glitches, or have websites time-out during games, deposits, or withdrawals. The graphics implemented by crypto betting sites can also be important, as the more vibrant, fun and clear they are, the more you are likely to enjoy playing. UI is a key factor when navigating sites, so those with intuitive operating systems are more likely to provide a better overall experience than platforms that are lacking in function.

Game preferences and variety

Your preferences when gambling cryptocurrencies will vary from the next players’, so of course you will want to select a site that has the games you are looking for. For example, if sports betting is more your thing, you might want to opt for a provider that caters more to that, whereas if you like to play scratchcards, one that has a plethora of instant win games will be better suited. The better the game variety, the more likely you are to stay on the website you choose – and as many offer level-based VIP and loyalty programs, you’ll get more bang for your buck by sticking around.

Bonuses, promos and player incentives

One of the biggest draws when gambling cryptos online is the bonuses, promos and player incentives on offer – and it’s not hard to see why. The more money (or prizes) you can win for your stakes, for logging in every day and even for participating in events, the more you will be inclined to spend your time on a site – and this benefits everyone. Remember that regulation is spotty at best when it comes to crypto betting, so always read the small print, terms and conditions and staking rules to ensure you’re happy with the rewards on offer (some initial claims by sites can be misleading at first glance).

Mobile functionality and cross-platform capabilities

This is one of the factors that will divide users, as some will prefer to gamble using a dedicated mobile app, whereas others won’t be put off by playing online via their browsers. Not having a mobile app doesn’t mean Bitcoin betting can’t be enjoyed via mobile, as long as the site is supported across different devices. The good news is that while many sites don’t currently have their own mobile apps, many of the biggest names are working to develop these to stay competitive and up-to-date in the niche.

Don’t forget to do your research

Once you have looked at all of the above, it can be a good idea to take a look at reviews and testimonials across the web to ensure the names on your shortlist meet players needs in the ways that you hope. Getting an idea of withdrawal times, sentiment regarding customer support and the common issues faced (or aired) by real users will give you invaluable knowledge about the sites you have in mind.


The benefits of using cryptocurrencies for gambling

Regardless of the Bitcoin betting sites you choose, there is a range of benefits to be had when using crypto to gamble online (this will be true whether you decide to use cryptos over fiat currencies or simply to use your coins in a different way to trading or investing). These are:

  1. A wider variety of games and betting options
  2. More transparency within the niche
  3. Anonymous playability
  4. A fun and convenient way to use digital currency
  5. All-round better bonuses and promotions across crypto betting platforms

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits when gambling crypto is the fact that volatility can spell larger wins over fiat currencies if markets are performing well. For example, if you buy your chosen crypto at one price, you win a decent amount and the price goes up, you could withdraw when your coins have an even greater value. Of course, this pro can also be a con, as if markets shift in the opposite direction, you could be taking your coins out at a lower value (and therefore a loss). You may also face charges when converting digital to fiat, so be aware of this before you make any decisions that could cost you money.

An important note about gambling crypto 

Golden bitcoin coin dollar

Just as there are benefits to gambling crypto online, you should always practice caution when putting your finances (digital or otherwise) at risk. One of the biggest issues in the niche is the lack of regulation, so even if a website seems legitimate on the outside, there are scam websites out there that are well-versed in looking the part without having to flesh out the intricacies that a reputable website will perform. This means that research will be the best tool in your arsenal before you even sign up. 

Also be aware that, as mentioned above, volatility can be your best friend or your worst enemy when gambling using cryptos. It can be worthwhile to keep an eye on market sentiment and prices before you draw winnings out – and even historical data can go towards making the best decisions. You should aim to be in the black more often than the red; always try to gamble responsibly and never put forward what you can’t afford to lose.

A final word 

There are a whole host of reasons why using crypto in place of fiat currency to enjoy some online entertainment can be worthwhile, but you will first need to define your needs to select the right one for you. The markets are volatile and while many individuals are interested in the viability of digital coins, sometimes trading and investing are a little too involved or require more effort and knowledge to make any sort of profit. There can be a lot to take into consideration, whereas online gaming is fun and could potentially offer some extra cash with little more than a few clicks.

One of the emerging facts is that crypto gambling sites are offering more games, more incentives and more sports betting options over traditional sites as they aim to take over the industry and secure their spot in the hearts of players worldwide. It’s also worth keeping in mind that innovation is on everybody’s lips and websites that use fiat currencies are generally happy with the status quo. Those entering the crypto niche are aiming to disrupt the market and push the envelope, offering diversity and new ways to play at every turn – so gamblers can expect much more to come in the future.



Are crypto casinos viable in 2023 and beyond?

The answer is yes. As the market continues to grow and gain traction, more regulation is improving and the better-appointed crypto betting sites are becoming every year. There is growing sentiment in the wider crypto environment and as digital currencies are not falling in favour, there is still good reason to get involved. As long as you play responsibly and select the right platform to play on, the advantages will be worthwhile, even for entertainment purposes.

Do crypto gambling websites have minimum deposits and maximum withdrawals?

Just as with fiat gambling websites, the answer is generally yes, but there are exceptions such as Cloudbet and Thunderpick that have no withdrawal limits. This isn’t often a deal breaker, but could be important to more seasoned gamblers.

Are there any countries that don’t support crypto gambling?

As briefly mentioned within the article, there are many countries that don’t support crypto gambling just yet, but things are changing as the digital age progresses. It is important to check where your endeavours are supported and adhere to the rules put in place to safeguard your funds.