The Complete List of Token Airdrop Sources

Airdrops is a growing trend of how crypto projects spread their tokens to as many people as possible.
If you haven’t heard about them yet – here is how airdrops work.

To help you find more opportunities for free tokens, we have collected the best sources online to assist you find airdrops events:

This site is dedicated to list and alert about live and upcoming airdrops.

CryptoCreed a great resource with a significant collection of airdrop lists that are regularly updated.


ERC20 Airdrops – Telegram Channel

480+ members (as of Mar 13th 2018). This channel is fully dedicated to updating you on airdrops.

A site that lists bounties & airdrop of new ICOs.



Crypto Airdrops Twitter Channel

This twitter account has a sizable following and it is fully dedicated to airdrop with (34k+ followers).

This website is a new one with a number of ICO token Airdrops available


Airdrop Notify

The website is dedicated to listing and notifying you about the next air drop as such users are kept up-to-date.


Airdrop List (free token)

This is a thread forum found in a forum with a lot of updates about Airdrops.

Another site fully dedicated to updating you about the latest air drop events.


Airdrops list by Sabbir Ahmed

Top Cryptocurrencies Offering Airdrops and Free Tokens at ICO | 2018 February, Updated Regularly –


Airdrops list on CrytptoGuide

CryptoGuide is a new platform dedicated to topics about cryptocurrency with a special focus on ICO token airdrops. – Airdrop Thread

A forum thread by the user Liviureferals with a big list of airdrops.


Airdrop Junkie – Google Spreadsheet

A great list – that is updated regularly on google spreadsheets.


Another great source fully dedicated to listing air drop events and information.

A dedicated site for crypto airdrop events – allows ratings & list none-trusted airdrops too.

An updated forum thread, created by the user qemjo on the bitcoingarden forum.


99 Airdrops

99Airdrops is a platform developed with the sole purpose of helping people find the best airdrops available. It utilizes a rating system and analyzes a project before listing in order to make sure that they are legit and qualitative

We will keep this list updated – so you can keep coming back from time to time to find more useful sources and updates about this exciting space.

Enjoy 🙂