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If the last few years have evolved in any way in tech, user engagement and even entertainment, there is a clear shift in how people interact with the digital environment. This can also be said for a host of sectors, from booking medical appointments to ordering goods online. As cryptocurrency has had its own impact and has moved away from a simple virtual alternative to cash, new and exciting ways to use your favourite coins have been developed. This includes online gambling and if you’re hoping to get in on the action using ADA, you may want to learn more about the best Cardano casino sites on the market in 2023.

Top Cardano Casinos

Lucky Block 

Lucky Block Casino

With evolution and innovation in mind, one of the stand-out websites to emerge in the online ADA gambling industry is Luck Block. This relatively new name to the niche has certainly shaken things up by developing the first ever crypto-based, blockchain-driven lottery; with outstanding prizes you simply can’t overlook. It generated so much attention and sky-rocketed in popularity so quickly, that the developers had the ability to cater to an even wider audience – and Lucky Block now has a fully functional online casino with over 4,800 slot games and 40+ live casinos, as well as offering gamblers the ability to place sports bets on over 35 sports betting markets. As this ADA casino has already established itself as a forward-thinking, reliable portal, you can rest assured that the developers will keep on striving to provide nothing short of the gambling experience users deserve. 


  • Lucky Block already supports over 12 cryptocurrencies and is translatable in multiple languages at the bottom of the homepage, so almost anyone can get involved
  • There is a focus on getting your money to you with little fuss, with no KYC verification for instant deposits and withdrawals of winnings
  • A range of payment methods including eWallets (like Binance or Trust Wallet) alongside credit and debit cards, so users can buy Bitcoin and then make a deposit



Megaspins casino 2023

Another new Cardano gambling site to hit the market running is Metaspins. While it was launched in the wake of Lucky Block’s success, it had enough of a presence in its own right to establish itself as a worthwhile gambling portal. One of the most attractive features to players is the fact that it has its own mobile app – and gambling on the go is actually lacking in the wider niche. While accessibility is key in terms of playing when you want, where you want, the site is also heavily regulated for users’ peace of mind, so you know you are getting a tailored experience for your location.


  • Metaspins brings a more interactive playing experience to loyal customers, with an attractive, scaled loyalty program the more often you deposit. You can enjoy 6 tier rewards as your wagering increases
  • There are 2500+ casino games including live, slots, scratchcards and table games; all of which are secured by fair play protocols like RNG
  • Well-appointed customer support and a wealth of reliable, positive user reviews


BC Game

BC games

As popularity in the crypto gambling niche grows, it is important for websites to stand out from the crowd and this is exactly why BC game comes in on this list of best Cardano casinos. It is one of the only platforms out there to facilitate crypto betting alongside a trusted exchange that has its own crypto vault. This means that you can safely store your Cardano tokens while making trades and even have some fun on the side – all on one well-designed, user-friendly platform where you can seamlessly transition between your efforts as you please.


  • One of the biggest attractions is that BTC Game is one of only a few that is accessible in the US
  • Access to 150+ cryptocurrencies including Cardano and a host of payment methods 
  • BTC has a unique live chat feature for players to connect and chat as they play
  • There are a host of unique rewards on offer the more you play and as you complete tasks




While this list has so far featured some of the newest industry names, it’s time to bring in the big guns with the world’s longest-running crypto gambling website. Cloudbet has been bringing a secure experience with nothing but the best features and functions for players using crypto around the world since 2013 – and is showing no signs of stopping any time soon. There is a strong sense of community and player ethics to enjoy, while also having the freedom to gamble anonymously should you want to. 


  • With such a fantastic industry reputation as both innovators and developers, you can expect to find Cloudbet’s very own progressive jackpot slots on nearly all other ADA gambling websites
  • The site has unrivalled security protocol in place with website security (SSL certificates), log-in protection (via two-factor authentication) and the additional perks of fair play initiatives (RNG is enforced on all ADA casino games) and a fantastic customer support team
  • A host of slots and live casino games alongside sports betting and eSports games which can be played via Cloudbet’s propriety mobile app




If you are looking for a feature-filled Cardano casino, look no further than Wild.io, as this website is as diverse as it gets. Not only does it feature all of the games and options you’d expect, but also access to video poker and a host of bonus buy-in games, alongside attractive cash prizes in slot tournaments that are run on a weekly basis. The website has been designed with playability in mind with simple, no-frills navigation and a built-in search function should you want something in specific.


  • Wild.io is fully licensed and regulated so your Cardano coins are secure
  • It has some of the fastest payouts in the niche
  • Attractive bonuses that beat some of the biggest industry names paired with low deposit and withdrawal fees
  • One of the only websites with no maximum deposit limit

How to choose the right Cardano casino

These 5 Cardano casinos are more than capable of meeting your crypto gambling needs, so how will you choose just one to dedicate your time to? The good news is you can sign up to and play on as many as you want of course, but the chances are you will have personal preferences that may put one above another when it comes to playing long term. With this in mind, here are the features you may want to think about before getting started:

  • Bonuses

One of the biggest factors when choosing the right crypto casino is always going to be bonuses. After all, the more you can make from your Cardano coins, the better. Some websites have loyalty programs with varying tiers, some have great welcome bonuses and some will even reward you for performing tasks. You can often expect to find free spins, slot tournaments and matched wagering – but with crypto sites, you will also likely be surprised by the number of unique prizes up for grabs.

It may be worthwhile to keep in mind that these will often have rules or potentially some caveats, so reading the terms and conditions of each promotion can be in your best interests. After all, you wouldn’t want to win a prize only to find out you don’t qualify later down the line.

  • Available games

There is something to be said about checking out the available games before signing up as it wouldn’t make sense to get all set up and find there aren’t any that you’d actually like to play. For example, not many websites facilitate video poker or sports betting, so if you are looking for these in specific, find the site with the widest variety of the things you love.

On the plus side, most reputable sites will prioritise offering as much as possible, but there are still some out there that cater to more niche audiences if you would like a more focused experience.

  • Software and usability

The way a website functions will make or break your overall experience, so be sure to take some time to research aspects like navigation, downtime, site loading speeds and similar. If a site makes it difficult for you to withdraw, the chances are it could be a scam – and as the niche isn’t widely regulated, this is a very real possibility.

  • Licensing

With scam websites in mind, it is important to consider the fact that the crypto and online gambling niches in general have their pitfalls when it comes to regulation, so the risks are even higher when the two are combined. Scam websites are rife and as they are often built to mimic the most reputable platforms, it can be difficult to tell the difference at first glance. This means it can be especially important to do your research before signing up and be aware of the red flags before depositing your Cardano coins, fiat cash, or any other crypto you may want to use.

  • Payment options

While payment options may not be a deal breaker, you will of course want to find a site that supports your preferred method. As a secondary consideration, the lack of support could be an indicator that the provider is shady, as reputable ones will want to appeal to as many players as possible and make your experience easier on every level.

  • Cross-platform capabilities and mobile apps

All online crypto gambling websites should allow you to access their platforms on your desktop or mobile device via the web browser, but not all will support Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. as standard. This means that your operating system won’t always be compatible when you want to gamble. When it comes to mobile apps, many websites are still behind on the times, but that doesn’t always mean you should favour those that have them. Your decision should be based on how you’d like to game (i.e on the go), as opposed to the fact that you can play instantly with little more than a tap.

  • Reviews and testimonials

The most worthwhile tool in your arsenal when making a decision on the right platform for your needs will be user reviews. Many websites like to boast their credentials, but these can be fake and aren’t always backed up by more than a name and a star-rating. This means that looking on third-party websites like Trustpilot or even checking out social media platforms like Reddit can be a good idea for the most honest opinions on factors like usability, game speeds and even how frequent/lucrative payouts are.


The benefits of gambling using a crypto platform

Cardano Casinos

When it comes to gambling using cryptocurrency, there will be some benefits that are unique to this over traditional gambling or betting online using fiat currencies. Some of the top benefits are: 

  • Despite the fact that there is little regulation, there is more transparency with Cardano casinos as providers vie to prove their credibility and establish their consumer-base
  • There is often the ability to gamble anonymously
  • Bonuses and player incentives are often greater with crypto, with a wider variety of prizes on offer
  • Game variety is more diverse when compared to traditional betting shops and gambling websites
  • The potential profit can be far higher, as crypto values can exceed fiat currencies

With this last advantage in mind, it may be a good idea to consider that this won’t always be the case as the market is volatile, so you may be better off withholding withdrawals at times to maximise your potential.

How to gamble using Cardano casino sites

There can be different sign-up processes when using crypto gambling websites, but in general, it should be as easy as following these two simple steps:

  • Open a crypto wallet

You won’t be able to gamble with Cardano or any other cryptocurrencies without first setting up a dedicated wallet. This will require its own research first, but once you have got yours, you will be able to safely store your coins and transfer them to the gambling site of your choice.

  • Deposit and play

You will likely find that the website you choose will ask for a minimum deposit amount to play, especially upon sign-up. This isn’t a huge consideration as the funds are entirely yours, but you may want to check out the potential bonuses (and their rules) before you make a decision and play.



Do all gambling websites accept crypto?

No, and it’s a good idea to check their payment options before signing up, or if you’d prefer to receive crypto as a payout, check to see if this is an option.

Why use crypto to bet?

Not only is cryptocurrency a viable option for betting, but it also benefits from a fluctuation in prices, meaning that if you act at the right time when placing a bet, you could actually put down less for a higher value or receive a higher payout when winning.

Is it secure to use crypto to gamble?

Yes. In fact, many businesses accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. This makes it possible to receive crypto directly into an account, place bets using the currency and then receive any winnings as crypto if the betting site allows, or a traditional currency if not.

Final considerations for Cardano gambling

When it comes to gambling using crypto, it’s always advisable to check the website to see if they permit your location and if so, how the process works. Not all providers are the same and although there is a general process for making bets with cryptocurrencies, there can be slight differences between platforms. This means that getting to know more about them can be beneficial before deciding on which one to sign up with.