WILDCRYPTO ICO – An Era of New Global Lottery

The WILDCRYPTO project will be unveiling the world’s truly global and regulated cryptocurrency-based lottery with WILD being the main cryptocurrency for its operations. WILDCRYPTO will be bringing a fairer lottery system with better odds as opposed to what currently exists. The jackpots are going to be impressively huge and with better odds such that a more balanced ratio of winners and happy players will be established. Game winnings will be primarily paid in WILD Tokens into a player’s compatible wallet or a branded WILD Crypto pre-paid card that can be used globally.

Recent estimates by the World Lottery Association show that the global lottery industry is currently worth $260 Billion but only a meager 4% of this is online. Signs however show an increasing number of online lottery providers and this is what the WILDCRYPTO project will be taking advantage of as a pioneer in the space. With 90% of the project already completed, the WILDCRYPTO team is leveraging blockchain technology coupled with in-depth knowledge of lottery to launch an unrivaled product. The ICO will be used as a fundraiser to help make the final launch of this Crypto Lottery possible.

With an already existing international customer base, the WILDCRYPTO project seems ripe to give returns in as short a term as possible. Stakes and winnings will be made transparent since all transactions will be available on a public ledger on blockchain. The project is already collaborating with the likes of Red Rake, Sideplay Entertainment, Link 2 Win, Pocket Games Soft and other established firms in the industry – This should give succor to investors and other stakeholders.

The WILDCRYPTO ICO starts on the 5th to the 11th of September, 2017. This is on the back of a successful private sale on the 16th of August where 10,000,000 WILD tokens were sold. WILD tokens are ERC20 Ethereum tokens and a maximum cap of 35,000,000 of these will be made available during the 5-day ICO period. The team is also working round the clock to make WILD Tokens tradable on a number of exchanges for the ultimate benefit of investors.

To participate and invest in this exciting online global lottery venture, click here – https://wildcrypto.com/ico

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