How Wild Crypto Successfully Closed Pre-Token-Sale in 96 Seconds!

The Wild Crypto project targeted to raise an amount of 2000 ETH when it opened its Pre-Token-Sale two days ago at exactly 9AM EST. A minute and 32 seconds into the presale event, the target had been surpassed with about 265 transactions completed at an average transaction amount of 7.547 ETH. The project recorded a total of 2621 transaction attempts with over 1000 within the first 3 minutes. The amount raised was about $680,000. This might not be relatively as huge as some previous presale records, but it is equally significant considering the speed of closure. It is believed that one reason for this much high interest might be because the Wild Crypto platform is already 90% complete with the team giving notice that the project will be launched in January of 2018.

An investor who missed out on the presale said he had lined up 30 ETH to participate in the event as at 8.30AM EST.  “My Ledger Nano S was plugged in and synced, and I had 3 friends on a conference call ready to contribute similar amounts. At 9AM, we all clicked only to be disappointed as we were late to the party”

He further revealed that he was not expecting this much traffic and interest in the pre-token-sale. He believes it is a great sign leading to the main ICO event which is less than a day away. The main Token Sale event starts on the 5th of September and with the speed of the Pre-ICO, it is anticipated that investors might want to get in early so as not to miss out on the main sale as well. With the expected bonus price of 2000 Wilds per Ether investors will want to own the tokens ahead of January when customers will be paying 20 times more on the WILD platform at 100 Wild to 1 ETH.

With increasing mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and majority of these new monies going into ICOs, it is believed that promising projects like WildCrypto will keep witnessing successful record-time sale closures. We might begin to enter an era where just being an investor might not be enough without fast fingers and fast and reliable internet connection.

It is imperative that investors looking to get into the ICO event in the next couple hours do so early enough so they do not miss out for the second time.

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