Verify Union is Helping to Secure Our Digitized World

As the world increasingly goes digital, it comes with both its numerous benefits and attendant problems. The issues of hacks, identity theft, password breaches, document falsifications and leaked personal data are some of the challenges that confront the digitized world.

This is where Verify Union steps in. By applying the use of the Ethereum blockchain, VerifyUnion is able to provide a more secure digital space for all participants in the online realm. With its unique portfolio for users and related analysis and algorithms, VerifyUnion delivers “True value”. True value in this instance means the combined values gained from the verification of digital identification, social and public profiles, as well as individual financial details – all of these are linked to the users’ unique profiles. This mechanism helps the client to simplify access to multiple digital platforms and profiles, and the platform owners, whether they be financial institution, ecommerce sites or anyone needing to apply formal KYC, to really understand their customer.

With increased and improved trust, the user portfolio begins to rise in value and this is made possible through the use of the VerifyUnion platform. Through the application of blockchain technology, people will be able to have full authorization of their Digital Verification process and this will make it difficult for hackers to gain access or for their digital identities to be compromised. And even though the platform has a major focus on Digital Identity Verification, it possesses a broader concept of application and the beauty of this is that users can selectively choose to share their personal information without the need to send it to a centralized authorizing platform.

The platform will be making use of the UC Coin token to enable usage and transactions within the ecosystem. UC Coin will be the medium of exchange and action with regards to the requisition of Trust Validation Services and Social Scoring Information from the platform. The business model is practically built around the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS).

UC Coin sale is currently ongoing and it will come to a close on the 3rd of December; this presents an opportunity for many to participate in a unique ecosystem of digital protection and verification.

For more details, follow the VerifyUnion ICO here.

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