How Uservice is Revolutionizing the Vehicular Logistics Business

Uservice just closed 23 million dollars in its ICO round due to the firm belief the crypto investor community (made up of over 12,000 individuals and institutional investors) has in its mission. Uservice has set itself apart as a Blockchain platform for the auto and vehicular services industry.

As a global decentralized blockchain platform, Uservice (UST) is already in the verge of launching an Alpha of its platform to be usable in three countries where car repair requests can be made. And not only will users be able to pay for work on their vehicles and fleet using fiat and cryptocurrencies, but soon, the UST tokens will be plugged-in to make seamless payments possible using Uservice’s own payment protocol.

After the completion of its ICO, Uservice has made many strides, including moves to make incursions into the Chinese market. The company’s management have hired experts who understand the Chinese market and have begun mapping out strategies to lay foundations in this jurisdictions. The Chinese market is a very dear one to the Uservice’s mission because of the sheer enormity of the market size and the usefulness of the platform’s service to this market.

With an already operational service in Europe, an impressive number of 11,000 service centres and counting on its platform, it has processed more than 300,000 car requests and its planned aggressive expansion will see these numbers go into the millions in no time. Not only is the company engaging in organic expansion, it also seeks to leverage partnerships with complimentary service providers and, even sometimes, competitors to make good their service proposition to clients on the wider globe.

The services that will be accessible on the platform will include but not limited to: vehicle repair request, sale and purchase of vehicles, tow truck requests, car history check (useful for potential buyers), auto parts order, car rental, car insurance and vehicle lease amongst many others.

Uservice is readied, poised and prepared to stake a claim in the industry and with the infusion of the peerless Blockchain technology, more impressive outcomes are likely to be expected.

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