Brings You Democratized Blockchain Investment

The platform provides crypto investors and traders with a decentralized and fully democratized platform with which they can conduct their day-to-day trading and investment activities. The platform has been designed and built to save investors money by helping to reduce transactions fees as well as eliminate the inefficiencies and bottlenecks that exist with traditional trading and finance systems.

In its quest to provide investors and traders with an avenue to maximize their profit margins, presents users with a highly secure and transparent investment and trading tool – this helps to build users’ confidence in the platform and encourage a wider adoption which will ultimately benefit the community and further help with increased profit inflow.

The team is leveraging its many years of experience in the banking, finance, Fin-Tech and investment sectors in combination with the power of blockchain technology to provide a unique product that offers unrivaled transparency that will revolutionize asset trading and the world of banking in general. will also be serving as an asset trading platform cum exchange that will ensure a more transparent, secure, professional and efficient way of listing digital assets within the crypto economy – this will be made possible through the reliable record keeping feature that blockchain provides.

The Token sale is to take place from the 7th of December 2017 until the 4th of January, 2018.  Two-thirds of the 500 million issued tokens will be available for public sale during this period. These tokens are the maximum amount of TIO tokens that will ever be made available and they can only be acquired during the Pre-ICO or main ICO itself or when they are activated for trading on exchanges.

Tokens that remain unsold during the crowdsale will be burnt – this will help drive up the value of tokens by ensuring that the balance of demand and supply is tipped in favor of the holders.

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Disclaimer: This write-up is sponsored and does not fully reflect the opinions of any ICOWatchlist employee. It is not an investment or trading guide. It is advisable that you do your own independent research.