Top Russian Universities to Offer Courses in Cryptocurrency

A number of top Russian universities will be adding new courses to the current finance curricula and these courses will be based on cryptocurrencies. These top Russian Universities arrived at the decision due to the increasing demands for cryptoccurency and blockchain technology based courses. The courses are to be incorporated into the universities’ existing program courses starting with the 2017/2018 academic year.

Some of the leading Russian universities have made statements about this development to the media. Moscow State University (MSU) is a reputable public research university. Sergey Studnikov who is a managing board member of the University’s economical faculty oversees the Financial Analytics master’s program. He spoke about the school’s new course based on cryptocurrency, “we will have master class immediately for several programs – for this we invite industry representatives.”

The Saint Petersberg State University of Economics (Spbgeu) will be focusing two of its existing programs on banking, finance and financial markets to the study of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Denis Gorulev who is an associate professor at the University with the Faculty of Economics and Finance stated that, “to introduce a separate course here, we rely on a number of formal things – this needs to be coordinated with the Ministry of Education a lot for a long time.”

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), a university that is highly regarded by scientists, engineers and students alike has indicated that it will be teaching aspects of the IT component of blockchain technology. According the School’s director of Applied Mathematics and informatics, Andrey Raigorodsky, the cryptocurrency and blockchain fields are in high demand with both students and employers. “The topic is extremely popular” he says. “There is strong demand from the school’s industrial partners. For example, Sberbank is working with us now – they have opened a scientific laboratory, where research on this topic is being conducted.”

Another institution, The National University of Science and Technology (Misis) which is Russia’s primary technological university for the steel-making and metallurgy industry will together with Vnesheconombank (VEB), a government-owned bank create a centre for new materials and breakthrough technologies with a focus on blockchain technology. The agreement was signed this summer. In a publication to the media, the University intimated that students will be equipped with the needed tools to explore the many opportunities and far-reaching possibilities that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has to offer.


Image courtesy of The Moscow Times