Things Blockchain Projects Need to do Post-ICO

During the fundraising or ICO phase of a Blockchain project, the team zeroes in fully on how to pull off a successful token sale which would let it garner enough resources to help execute the company’s mandate. Truth is the ICO process is time consuming and requires full effort from the entire project team as such there is a high possibility that there will hardly be any focus on product development at that particular point in time.

One aspect which is mostly overlooked by early stage Blockchain projects undertaking ICOs is company structuring. It is quite important to get the organizational structure right from the very start to avoid problems and complexities post-ICO.

Some prominent Blockchain projects have run into some debacles and dead-ends post-ICO, particularly due to problems involving organisational hierarchy, legal framework and compliance amongst many others. Some of these companies have not been able to address these challenges till date and have not been operational as a result.

Not having the end-in-mind with respect to post-ICO continuity of a project I believe is quite irresponsible and not fair to ICO or token buyers. Buyers do not only look at purchasing tokens and flipping on exchanges for a quick profit. They also hope to see an appreciation in the ICO tokens they are holding, and this can most likely only happen when the teams properly execute their project and create more use-cases for the tokens.


Post-ICO Structuring

Often most ICO and post-ICO projects maintain their structure of being either incorporated in US, Cayman Islands, Estonia and likes and still use the same legal structuring in the operation of their core business without due recourse to the laws and legal implications of such an action within these jurisdictions of incorporation. Asset management, crypto-fiat conversion permission, contract execution, employee salary regime, taxation etc are things to critically consider post-ICO.

There is the need to have a well-thought out post-ICO life of a project. This is the reason why ICO projects need to engage the services of Blockchain experts to help guide and steer them clear of trouble post-ICO – experts that would provide the needed atmosphere to help their companies have clear focus post-ICO and soundly execute their core business mandate.



Running an ICO in itself is effort and time-consuming, this is the reason why as an ICO team you should seek help and on-board professionals to make your work easier particularly with respect to post-ICO survival. With the years of work in this field, the ICO Watchlist Team and partners have extensive experience that can be tapped into to make your work easier. The combined expertise of this ICO Watchlist human resource can help you with Post-ICO company structuring, post-ICO Banking and Treasury Management, post-ICO Asset Protection, post-ICO fiat liquidity provision, KYC/AML/SAFT services among many others.

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