The Cappasity ICO

Cappasity is aiming to use blockchain technology for remarkable things in the fields of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D content generation. In fact, Cappasity is already championing the cause of developing a decentralized content-oriented global 3D platform and the it already boasts a monthly user traffic view of more than a million with potential for more growth.

Cappasity operates in an AR/VR/3D markets which continues to experience impressive year-on-year growth. The technology has been shifting the paradigm and making things that were hitherto impossible possible. Even as the technology grows, content in the space seems to be lagging behind. Cappasity is therefore creating an opportunity for access to contents that can help in the development of state-of-the-art AR and VR apps.

Cappasity has already struck notable partnerships with players in a cross-section of industries such as Jazmin Chebar and Claris Virot in the fashion industry. Claris Virot has embedded 3D images into their new collection of handmade bags onto their website. Some museums and art galleries have also signed onto the Cappasity platform among many others.

Cappasity has been carved as an ecosystem that enables and facilitates the creation, rental and sale of 3D contents by members of the community. Also, Cappasity 3D tools will enable users to embed 3D content into their apps and websites. Gaming experiences will be enhanced with 3D optimized content powered by Cappasity. Social profiles can be 3D-activated using tools from the platform. It also enables in-app purchases of 3D items.

Cappasity ensures that all rights and ownership of 3D purchased items on its platform are secured using blockchain technology, and with blockchain, there are unlimited possibilities of worldwide content exchange which is powered by Cappasity’s own digital token – CAPP.

CAPP is the medium of exchange and vehicle that enables the full access to the AR/VR/3D services that Cappasity has to offer. With CAPP, everyone around the globe will be able to enhance their apps and websites with Cappasity tools to bring enhanced realities to their global clientele. Transaction fees are very minimal and do not eat into the profits of even small enterprises.

Cappsity will be conducting the sales of its CAPP tokens CAPP token sale starting from the 22nd of February through to the 22nd of March, 2018. For registration and participation, kindly visit the Cappasity Website.

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