Telegram ICO: Will Launch its Own Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Telegram the ever popular encrypted messaging app is in the works to debut both its own blockchain and cryptocurrency – this is according to close sources. The blockchain platform will either be called “The Open Network” or “Telegram Open Network” (TON) and from privileged sources, it is to be based on an improved and upgraded version of Blockchain technology.

Hints of this were given just a couple of days ago by Anton Rozenberg who is a former employee of Telegram’s publishing division, Telegraph. Anton in a Facebook video post claimed that the video was an advertorial for the new platform; he however stopped short of disclosing the source of the video. The video makes mention of the possibilities for users to effect money transfers and execute transactions within the app.

It is learned that the resultant cryptocurrency of the new Blockchain platform TON will be called “Gram” and it will be natively integrated with several widely used messaging apps. Light wallets are expected to be used which means users will not have to download complex, dense and cumbersome Blockchain.

With an already existing user base of over 180 million, the opportunities for this Blockchain and cryptocurrency seem enormous. Also, it will likely not have to bootstrap and this is a deviation from the trajectory of most apps and platforms of this nature.

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