STO Marketing Agency: Making Your ICO Hit Record Sales

sto marketingDo you want to raise large sums of cash for your project? Hold an ICO. In September 2017, Filecoin broke the record by raising $257 million. Other top ICOs that raised jaw breaking amounts include Tezos and BANCOR that raised $232 million and $153 million respectively.

A closer look at the fast-evolving Blockchain industry reveals that the top ICOs stem from well thought of and implemented strategies. But hold on. A large number of ICOs hitting the market also perform very poorly. This brings us to one core question: What is the best strategy for a successful ICO?

The best method of making your ICO successful is crafting the perfect strategy. This post brings you the top tested and proven strategies with the help of an STO marketing agency to make your ICO break the next record. Do not try running an ICO with average strategies; here are the tricks that work.

What are the main challenges facing ICOs?

ICOs and STOs have become important fundraising methods to support projects in the blockchain industry today. But their ability to raise huge sums in no time has also made them a quick target for scammers.

In September, the Chinese government banned all ICOs and ordered the exchanges that were involved to refund investors the funds they had collected. The administration indicated that over 90% of ICOs were scams. This claim greatly tainted the name of a great fundraising system. Other challenges people face when planning and holding ICOs include:

  • Lack of cryptocurrency regulations makes the ICOs run wild
  • Poor knowledge about the involved projects
  • Incorrect pricing of the tokens
  • Threats from governments
  • Poor communication
  • Inconsistent payment channels

Working with STO marketing experts help users understand the market and craft ideal strategies. The agencies have been in the market, seen the industry unfold, and will assist you to get the winning formula.

Even before exploring the strategies to use, it is crucial to understand that ICO marketing is different from conventional marketing. Some people will start asking questions such as “What exactly do clients get?” and “How sure can clients be sure that the tokens will be safe?”

Your expert STO marketing firm will help you craft and perfect the strategies that will leave the target niche asking for more. Here are the top five strategies that you need when marketing an ICO.

1. Craft a Polished White Paper to Win the Trust of Investors

The first step to any successful initial token offering marketing is by creating a whitepaper. The whitepaper is a blueprint that demonstrates every concept of the token. Here, investors can pick the right tokens and throw away the trash.

Make sure to include the detailed idea, the plan, and the legal aspects of the project. If the project has some mathematical computations, capture them in the white paper. Some questions to guide you at this point include:

  • How does the idea stand out from others?
  • Who is going to benefit from the token?
  • What modalities do you have to make the project big?
  • What is the needed capital?
  • What are the specific society benefits?

2. Develop a Clear Roadmap for the Project

Investors targeting the blockchain niche want to know that the project they are investing in can last for years and deliver huge returns on investment. The greatest motivation and sort of a “guide” is Bitcoin.

While Bitcoin was launched more than ten years ago, investors are steadily reaping from its long-term focus. Your target audience needs to get the assurance that the project they are investing in will continue growing for years.

The best item your STO marketing agency will insist on is a roadmap. This method helps to demonstrate the direction that a crypto project will take over time. You might want to review some related roadmaps to craft a winning one.

roadmap3. Create the Project Website and Promote It Socially

When investors are placing their funds into a project, they want to have assurance that it is the correct move. Therefore, you need to create an interactive website to serve as an information center.

The website needs to have all the information about the project, the ICO, conditions, and teams. It should also have detailed “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages for the project and white paper.

After the website is done with precision, it is time to start marketing it. Here, you need to talk to the community and draw as much traffic as possible. Your STO marketing expert will insist on getting everything professionally done so that users are convinced to convert.

4. Use SEO to Get Your Website Ranked at the Top

For the ICO to be successful, you need to get ranked at the top. Here, you should be extra aggressive by using keyword research so that everyone searching for an STO or ICO will first land on your website.

Go to the next step of Blockchain SEO to ensure that both off-page and on-page target clients are reached. Make sure that the content is packaged well so that all clients can easily see the missing link that your tokens will fill in their lives.

Your security token offering marketing agency will insist that the right strategy should go beyond winning the clients. When a user is persuaded to buy some tokens, he/she becomes part of the project.

Depending on the consensus model, the buyer might be required to vote when key decisions are being made. Therefore, the SEO should help the user lean, join, and own the project.

5. Use Crypto Communities to Catapult the ICO to Success 

As the blockchain niche continues growing, highly trusted communities have emerged. They have very sharp eyes and can easily see great items or when something is fishy about a project.

So thorough are the communities that they even note some malicious codes or break the hacking news before the network development teams discover the flaws. Great examples of these communities include Reddit and

Go to the forums and share your idea about the upcoming token sale. Note that it is important to be ready to answer every question that will be thrown your way because the communities have seen the bad and the good of the industry.

If you can win these communities, be rest assured that the ICO will hit records sales. In addition to the crypto communities, it is important to also target social media communities through specific groups and influencers.

The Final Take

The success of your ICO is dependent on the strategy that you adopt. The primary method of crafting a winning strategy is working with an STO marketing agency.

The agencies have been in the market and can easily tell between a good and bad strategy. They will also help you dive deeper and make the investors identity with the project and become the drivers.

Remember that ICOs cannot be prepared in a hurry. Your agency will help you go through all of the steps so that the project looks complete. Get the best agency to be successful with your ICO.