Sony to Adopt Blockchain Technology to Help Creatives Protect their Intellectual Property

Sony, on Monday 15th October, 2018 announced that it will be pioneering the development of a Digital Rights Management (DRM) platform using Blockchain. The solution will focus on protecting digital content and intellectual property for creatives. Properties and rights such as music, electronic textbooks, films, VR content, and e-books will be in purview.

This Blockchain solution is being developed with the educational industry in mind under the auspices of Sony as a Group, Sony Music Entertainment Japan and Sony Global Education, the company also believes that use cases for the platform can be extrapolated to be applied in other relatable industries.

Blockchain is most popularly known as the underpinning technology that powers cryptocurrency transactions and exchanges, however, this money/finance use-case is just one of thousands of applications for the technology.

Blockchain Technology is also referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and its ledgers connect information through ‘nodes’ with each containing a copy of data sets or transaction records.

It is this DLT that Sony will be applying to help secure its existing DRM platform so as to efficiently manage the authentication, sharing and rights of educational data.

The company in its announcement said that “today, advancements in technologies for digital content creation allow anyone to broadcast and share content, but the rights management of that content is still carried out conventionally by industry organizations or creators themselves, necessitating a more efficient way of managing and demonstrating ownership of copyright-related information for written works.”

The Sony DRM solution based on Blockchain will focus on helping creatives protect their intellectual properties and safe-guard their copyrighted materials. Since information that is carried on the Blockchain is automatically time-stamped, this can help verify the authenticity of content and establish exact time of creation and as such its ownership without contest.

The Sony DRM system is currently in its prototype stage and being tested to ensure that it is ready for commercial use in no time.