Sharpe Capital – Your Accurate Blockchain-based Market Predictor

The advent of cryptocurrency trading has helped to shape several new careers especially with respects to that of crypto-trading analysts and traders, many of whom are constantly trying to anticipate each other’s perception of the marketing in order to develop the right trading strategies and wining formulae to maximize gains. In fact there are times when individual crypto-asset managers outperform the market, but a lot more of their success can be attributed to random guess works. Increasingly, traders and investors are on the lookout for more accurate predictors based on well-researched trends in order to make informed trading and investment decisions so as to ensure that Returns on Investments (RoI) are maximized and losses cut down to the barest minimum. This is where Sharpe Capital comes in.

The Sharpe Capital team with years of experience in related and relatable industries has come up with the Sharpe Capital Investment Platform.

How the Sharpe Capital Investment Platform Works

The Sharpe capital investment platform is run on the back of cutting-edge machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) whiles at the same time leveraging blockchain technology to crowdsource marketing sites. The platform allows and encourages platform participants to share their stock and crypto-market opinions for which they get to earn Ether. The platform mechanism works such that it eliminates the risks of losing Sharpe Capital (SHP) tokens. The platform works based on an algorithm that ensures that the more value your market insight provides and the more SHP tokens you hold, the greater your reward is.

The Sharpe Capital platform has initiated a new concept called Proof-of-Reputation (POR) which ensures that accuracy in market predictions are rewarded fairly and equitably. Individual participant’s insight records are stored on the blockchain which ensures that the higher reputation holders earn higher and commensurate rewards.

Sharpe Capital has been built to be a highly effective prediction mechanism for hedge funds and investors. Those who aim to change and positively disrupt the existing investment space can consider the ongoing Sharpe Capital token sale event.

For more details, follow the Sharpe Capital ICO here.

Disclaimer: This write-up is sponsored and does not fully reflect the opinions of any ICOWatchlist employee. It is not an investment or trading guide. It is advisable that you do your own independent research.