Searching For A Truly Secured & Private Communication Channel? – Obsidian Is Your Best Bet

With the infiltration of modern day communication gadgets and a cocktail of communication applications to choose from, the privacy of exchange mediums has become a pivotal topic with users. Individuals cherish their own privacies so much so that collectively citizens of not less than 150 nations globally have had the protection of their privacies enshrined in their constitutions.

Despite this, the much sort after privacy remains a double-edged sword and it is becoming increasingly clear that existing frameworks do not fully guarantee this as authorities are seen breathing down the necks of tech developers and companies from time-to-time to gain access to consumer communication platforms. Also, hackers are incessantly snooping around for loopholes in communication platforms to exploit – This systemic inefficiency is what Obsidian has come in to solve.

Obsidian is presenting the world with the most effectively secure communication channel yet. The Obsidian project will provide a firmly knit platform that is unrivalled as far as private and secure communication is concerned. The project will couple its messenger application with the unique features of its cryptographic coin to activate a decentralised communication network. This decentralised approach to communication privacy, secrecy and security ensures that the Obsidian platform and servers are more or less immune to attacks. The platform runs on a mechanism that ensures that anyone can host it and earn Obsidian coins as compensation – It can be equated to a shape-shift form of communication to escape hacks.

This decentralised modus operandi thereby ensures that the communication network is neither owned nor operated by a single entity, it is instead run and coordinated by thousands of individuals globally; by altering the architecture of communication platform operation from server-centric to a decentralised one, Obsidian has taken user privacy and security to the Eldorado.

Do you know you can get on the Obsidian Platform and also make a profit as a result? Here is how –

Obsidian is currently running an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) after successfully completing its Pre-ICO weeks ago. This gives an opportunity to people to both have an access to a very secure channel of communication and also own a stake in the visionary project that Obsidian is. The ICO which is in its final week ends on the 18th of August, 2017.  The Obsidian ICO campaign brings flexibility to fund raising so much so that either Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH) can be used to buy in and secure a stake in the project.

By partaking in the Obsidian ICO, an investor gets Obsidian Coin (ODN) allocations and with a minimum of 10,000 ODN the investor gets to own Obsidian stake masternodes on which yearly returns of 10% will be paid. The exchange rate has been computed as 1BTC = 21433 ODN or 1ETH = 2192 ODN.

To partake in an ICO that adds impetus to the much sort after communication security that citizens of the globe crave, you should join the Obsidian crowdsale here –

For more details, follow the Obsidian ICO.

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