Rippex Wallet Review: The Best XRP Wallet?

rippexOne of the most lucrative cryptocurrencies today is Ripple XRP. Its upcoming cycle is going in strong, with a baseline trade currently at $0.34 per coin.

Despite its surge in usage and popularity, the number of banks that recognize it are still few when compared to those that recognize and use Bitcoin and Ethereum. This stands even though Ripple XRP is already the third largest cryptocurrency.

It can be tough to find a safe place for storage, specifically because there are very few active storage areas. That’s why you need a high-quality digital wallet in order to keep the tokens secure.

The top choice among crypto-users of XRP is the Rippex desktop wallet. In this Rippex Wallet review, you will learn more about its features and why it has become the trusted Ripple XRP wallet of choice.

What Is The Rippex Wallet?

Rippex is a digital wallet for Ripple, and is known as a desktop wallet. Unlike other programs, a desktop wallet can be downloaded directly to a computer for use.

The platform was based on the original Ripple Desktop Wallet, and it is open source. It can be installed and used in Windows, Mac OS, and Linux desktops.

It has cross-currency capabilities, which makes it easier to conduct transactions. It also comes with a mobile application that lets you stay updated with your account while on the go.

Simplified Installation

Installing the platform is easy and convenient, as it is one of the few offline digital wallets you can use. This means you can do transactions on your desktop while you are offline, which makes this feature the best Rippex wallet.

After finding the proper address on the computer, security is set up. After the password is verified, your account becomes encrypted.

Within a few minutes, you have your own account ready. However, there is baseline account number of 20 XRP required to activate it.

Once you finish downloading the wallet and activate it, you can start with your transactions. If you are unsure of how it works offline, here’s a handy guide to help you out:


Interface and Payment

The interface itself is incredibly easy to use and figure out. Details for payment, destination, and the amount can be filled out within minutes.

Rippex has a wide range in fiat currencies, ranging from USD to CND. It has gained recognition from many countries, and it lets you spot your current number of Ripple coins.

While it requires 20 XRP to even get started, the charge for sending coins stands at 5. However, all reserve requirements cost 20 ripples per address, as well as 5 for each trusting.

Updated, Trustworthy Security

Due to the small number of banks and managers, scams and hacks are a big concern. Back in October of 2017, a manager of a Ripple exchange in Japan was arrested for defrauding.

To stay safe, the Rippex wallet has its offline capabilities. It also lets you write a secure password, which is displayed to you after encryption.

This means that you can sign transactions offline before sending them online for processing. Rippex lets you create a transaction file using an offline wallet, which will then be processed once you upload it to your online account.

This lets you keep a cold wallet that is disconnected from the internet if you’re worried about security.

Once you begin a transaction, it is sent and verified by the Ripple network. This is to make sure each purchase is valid and within legal parameters.

Aside from transparency, Rippex lets you audit each transaction made throughout the account. It also keeps your account private, even when connected to public networks.

Since viruses and malware are possible for low-end devices, it is advised that you keep your own computer secure. The account may be safe, but the desktop it natively runs on might not be.

Forum-Only Support

Because the interface of Rippex is simple to use, it hasn’t had much focus on customer support. There are no phone or chat options, so direct communication is an issue.

The site does have a supportive forum that can help you find out more about and fix different issues. However, it only covers the most common and most important problems. Although you do get invaluable advice and assistance, there’s a chance you won’t find the solution to your problem. Without improved communication, you might have to check on your own desktop issues.


3.8 out of 5 stars.

It’s easy to see why many first-time users and experts alike are fond of Rippex. The digital wallet can be downloaded and used online and offline without issue.

It has an incredibly simple to use interface, with multi-factor security and a wide range in fiat currency. It also stands out for being one of the most successful desktop wallets ever developed.

The biggest issue for the platform is its baseline fee of 20 XRP and a recurring fee of 5 XRP per service. It is only backed by a decent but insufficient forum-only support service.


  • Simplified interface for users of all types
  • Private key storage for quick access and protection
  • Offline capabilities
  • Unique wallet addresses
  • International payment reach


  • Forum-only customer support
  • 20 XRP baseline fee
  • Faulty bugs on occasion
  • Lack of anti-malware and anti-hacking systems outside of the program


With the Rippex wallet, navigating the XRP cryptocurrency trades is easy and fast, You can reach many different currencies, both crypto and fiat.

It has an intuitive security system, works as a desktop and digital wallet, and has an easy and intuitive interface. However, it can get challenging to make an investment thanks to the baseline fees and poor customer support.

For both experienced and first-timers users, Rippex can be a good and worthwhile investment. Just make sure your own computer is secure.