Obsidian ICO Attracts Over 1,500 Investors

The Obisidian project which aims to provide the globe with a truly secure means of communication immune to hacks and authority interference seems to be enjoying some impressive mileage in investor circles. The ICO campaign has so far attracted contributions from over 1500 investors with days left to the end of the campaign. Over 4.5Million tokens have been allocated and a couple more left to be taken up by last-minute contributors.

The interests the project has generated over the last couple of weeks goes to show that the product has a wider market appeal. In a modern world where technological communication gadgets have become a part of our everyday lives, the need for privacy cannot be overemphasized. People are increasingly dependent on communication apps and channels which are to a larger extent susceptible to breaches and can likely lay bare users’ private chats and data to the world due to their centralized nature. Obsidian using the power of blockchain technology is disrupting the online communication space with its decentralized channel. The Obsidian project gives further meaning to decentralization my ensuring that no one person or entity owns the communication network due to the fact that thousands of individuals can host and run the network globally which will make it practically impossible for hackers to gain access to it.

This unique feature seems to have driven up consumer confidence in the Obsidian project and has subsequently caught the eyes of thousands of investors who have so far bought in and many more who are looking to make last minutes purchases into the ICO.

Some exchanges are already gearing up to have ODN tokens traded as soon as the ICO campaign closes and this could also account for the last minute excitement and interests we are witnessing with the Obsidian ICO.

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